Sunday, April 09, 2006

Adding a whole big pile of blogs

I'm back, after having dedicated most of my blogging energy to reporting on my visit to Ireland and London on my own blog, Another Monkey. There are many blogs to be added to NEPA Blogs that have accumulated since I left, so let's get started!

First off, The Lady Speaks has a new address. I think I'll also retain the old location until it no longer functions.

Electric City Renaissance is a blogsite focusing on things in and around Scranton.

Kermit the Blog is actually already linked from this site under the name of its author, Dave Caolo. Dave is the "Scranton Insider" for the site "Life in The Office".

The Nittany Notebook is a blog about Penn State's Nittany Lions written by Alex Grier, formerly of Scranton.

Shadow's Reach and History's Shadow are two blogs written by Scranton blogger Shadowspun.

Things At King's is written by Father Tom Carten of King's College. I've met Father Tom through my sister, who used to be a D.J. at WRKC. You may know Father Tom from the Radio Home Visitor, the WRKC radio program where he reads selected bits of the newspaper as a service for the blind. You may also know him by the secret identity he uses to write a weekly column for the Citizen's Voice!

Still haven't gotten around to posting the NEPA Blogs notices...but I've got some ideas there.