Friday, March 12, 2010

NEPA Blogger meetup

The next blogger meetup will be Friday March 26th at Rooney's Irish Pub 67 S. Main St. Pittston, PA 18704 starting at 5PM.

I scouted out the place today and it's perfect for us. There is big bar area with tables off to the side and plenty of free parking across the street where the Tomato Festival is held. It's easy to find just drive north on River Street from W-B and it's on the left. Mapquest it. The DJ doesn't start until 8:30PM so we won't be blasted out. The menu looks good with everything from sit down dinners to bar food and munchies. For those who want to light up a smoking station is right outside the front door.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slackin' Off

I have been meaning to add a blog post for several da...I mean weeks now, but life has been a bit hectic for me as of late. Between work, the kids and the day to day stresses that occur, blogging has kind of been put on the back burner so to speak. However, fear not, I come bearing gifts...In the form of new blog submissions.
Before I get started with that, I'd like to take a moment to discuss our new blog submission setup.
So pay attention!
If you have a blog you would like to submit, please asend an email to Be sure to include your name, the blog's name, the blog's URL (http:// address), and if possible a short description of what the blog is about. As a rule of thumb, we like to keep the blogs/website related to the Northeastern Pennsylvania region in one way or another. DB, Gort and I all have access to the email account, so if one of us gets tied up the other two can pick up the slack with adding blogs to the site.
Now without further ado, here are my latest offerings to the NEPA Blog Gods. - This is more of an events calendar type of website, but is spreading like wild fire. I am from the Back Mountain area (we'll call it the FARRRRRR back) and have been noticing this URL popping up on several signs and billboards in the Dallas area. Since I consider myself a nosey person, I decided to go online and check it out. It is a community, culture and commerce driven website, be sure to experience the Back Mountain by checking out the page.

From the email box . . . I received a request to add two blogs from Bill Greenlaw of Pike County. The first blog is "Pike County for Specter" and the next is "The Future of Pike County" Bill advises that these blogs are not currently active, but activity will be heating up going into the 2011 local election races.

From Twitter . . . A Girl's Gotta Spa (ain't it the truth). Shannon Nelson, a professional blogger, has maintained this beauty blog since 2005. She writes reviews about beauty products, grooming tips and much much more. The best part about reading this blog is knowing that she lives in our own backyard. Welcome to the NEPA Blogs community Shannon! - According to the website; facilitates a person's profile who wants to find work with absolutely no contracts, while keeping the service free for the hiring company or person looking for a candidate to fulfill a need. We focus on keeping our profiles secure, yet available for someone to find the right candidate at no cost to the hiring service.

Last but not least. . . a shameless plug. As you may or may not be aware I am enrolled in the Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2010. My project group, the BILAA Little League Revitalization was in the 03/07/10 Sunday edition of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader -- We are rehabbing the BILAA Little League Field in the Lyndwood section of Hanover Township. If you would like to donate to our project, or volunteer for an upcoming work day at the field, please contact for further information. All of the proceeds and donations will go directly to that Field's rehab project. Please help us lay the foundation for building our future NEPA MLB stars. If we rebuild, they will come back.
Coming Soon. . .Stay tuned for Gort's announcement about the next Blogger's gathering!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fairytale Feasts

This arrived via e-mail the other day:

Hello -

I saw your blog "NEPA BLOGS" and I just wanted to let you know that I am from Pittston, PA and I recently launched my own blog, "Fairytale Feasts." I would love for you to add my blog to your site!

Thanks! :-) -- Diana

From the introductory post:

Here, I will give homage to my love for food by writing about everything from my favorite foods, restaurants, chefs, recipes, etc. Sometimes I will write about an entire meal or I might just write about one ingredient. I love food and whatever concept or facet of food I love on a particular day is what I will write about.

Check out Fairytale Feasts!