Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another blog for "The Office" - and The Office Convention this weekend!

Office Tally is described as "THE go-to site for The Office" by one of NEPA's foremost bloggers (soon making her triumphant return to the blogosphere!) And one of its latest posts (as of this writing) is all about The Office Convention, coming up this weekend (October 26-28) in lovely downtown Scranton! While the weather may be typical Scranton Weather - cold, gray, and rainy - the Flaming Foliage is currently at or near peak, so that should be a special treat for visiting Office fans. And they'll get to see quite a bit of it if they decide to slip out to Chili's for lunch. (The closest Chili's is just outside of the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre Township, some 20 miles from downtown Scranton!)

For more details, see the official website. Also see NEPA Blogger John Webster's blog (he's half of the Daniels & Webster morning team from Rock 107, itself a frequent reference on the show), particularly this entry. Longtime NEPA Blog Life In The Office also has an article on the convention. I hope this is a very positive experience for all involved!

Even yet still more NEPA Blogs

I've hunted down a few more NEPA Blogs. But first, here are two more from the author of

In non-QAZSE blogs:

As always, if you know of any other blogs (or have any other blogs) that belong here, please let us know!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Susquehanna from Tunkhannock

I've replaced the photo at the bottom of the page (the largest space available for a photo) with one submitted from The description:

This was taken last November looking south from the bridge across the Susquehanna at Tunkhannock. It depicts that time when the leaves have fallen and the river is anticipating winter.

Here is a clickable version of it. I've scaled it down a bit from its original size due to space limitations.

Image Courtesy of

Wilkes-Barre Can Survive!

Another new local political blog:

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Via e-mail:

Just thought I'd drop you a heads up about my blog, J-Scranton. It's a blog dedicated to information of use to journalism students at the University of Scranton. You can find it at:

Matt Reavy

Matthew M. Reavy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
University of Scranton, Scranton PA

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

City of the Dead

I just did something that's long overdue: I stepped through all of the blogs listed on the sidebar and checked them for signs of life. I wasn't aiming to kill any sites that haven't updated in, say, a year or so, but I was looking for ones that gave "404" or "Page not found" errors, or had obviously been taken over by cybersquatters. I've flagged those sites "(dead site?)" or "(cybersquatted)". If any of these sites belong to you, please take a look into what's happened to them!

A few other notables appear to be on hiatus - which, for me, is the same as saying "this person has stopped posting, I sure hope they aren't dead."

Now I need to round up all of the sites that have been submitted or discovered over the last few months and add them to the sidebar.

Call for photos!

Well, it's not Summer anymore, despite the fact that it was ninety degrees in Nanticoke last Monday, so it's time to revise the pictures on the site to reflect Autumn here in NEPA. If anyone has (or feels like taking) any photos that they would like to have represent NEPA on this site, please send them to me at databoy142 (.a.t.) hotmail (.d.o.t.) com. Please include (if available) a location, description, date, and how you would like to be credited!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Life and politics

THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF HEATHCLIFF is a life blog by someone who uses the handle I am the Walrus.

A new political blogger (my specialty) has popped up. Looking at the local scene from a conservative point of view is Right Winger who tells us "The truth about everything. No matter how much it hurts." Ignorance is Bliss is worth a daily visit and an occasional comment.

Mixing life and politics is former WBRE weatherman Vince Sweeney. He's thinking about running for Congress and gives his thoughts about life, the universe, everything.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Nittany Blog

This arrived via a comment. OK, it was a comment made nearly a month ago, but better late than never!
The Nittany Blog said...

Hey this is Alex from The Nittany Notebook. I've decided to resume writing my old blog as well. Could you guys add the new link as well as keep the one to The Nittany Notebook? Thanks!

The Nittany Blog-

If you are a blogger who lives in Northeatern Pennsylvania, or used to live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, or who blogs about Northeastern Pennsylvania, please leave a comment and we'll list your blog just as soon as we can!