Sunday, November 16, 2014

About the header images for October 29 and November 5 and 12

I've been slacking off a lot on posting information about the header photos for the last three weeks. While I still have a few minutes, I wanted to try to make up for that here.

The image for October 29 was this striking sunrise view from Sweet Valley Sunrises, the Tumbr blog of co-Administrator Michelle Hryvnak Davies.

The image from November 5 was a picture I took one morning last year on the pedestrian walkway along the Nanticoke-West Nanticoke bridge.

The November 12 image is courtesy of Cheri Sundra, who posts her work at her site This girl riding a dinosaur may be familiar to anyone who frequents Route 11 in Plymouth. The figure is mounted on the sign for Pete Broody tires, and is worth pulling off into a parking lot just to get a better look.

We're always looking for new images to post as the NEPA Blogs header. If YOU have an image that presents some aspect of life in Northeastern Pennnsylvania, please send it to us here at and we'll post it as the header!

All American Computer Repair

Here's another small business blog. It's for the Tafton-based All American Computer Repair.

All American Computer Repair

The blog itself is more generally informative than it is specific to the business itself. It will let you know about computer issues, such as security breaches or fixes to known problems, and it does keep an eye out for issues affecting NEPA. The blog is just one part of their website,  From their main page:

All American Computer Repair provides a quality repair service to clients.  We service personal or business systems.  All of our technicians are certified and qualified to handle all your business and personal needs.  All technicians are highly skilled in computer service & repair, networking, consulting and sales. 

All American Computer Repair carries a large line of products in stock for faster and better service.  All products are name brand and of the highest quality.  We are skilled in Microsoft, Apple and Linux solutions to provide you with all options available for your needs. 

Established in 2003, All American Computer Repair has successfully enjoyed over 8 years of serving residential and commercial customers in Wayne, Pike, Monroe, Lackawanna and Luzerne County with all their computer system needs.  For complete technology solutions, turn to All American Computer Repair for competitive prices and excellent customer service. 

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