Wednesday, December 02, 2009

From the mailbag: Pszenica Piwo

Just found this site through Another Monkey. My blog is here: and is an autobiographicalbeerologicaltravelogue or something like that.


Pszenica Piwo

Check it out! It includes a glowing review of Madison's Vodka Bar and Steakhouse, just a block from my house. Perhaps the next NEPA Bloggers gathering can be conveniently located within staggering distance for me!

Scranton Christmas Windows, 1938 - 1960

Full provenance: Michelle sent an e-mail flagging this post by John Webster pointing to the blog Scranton Christmas Windows 1938 - 1960.

In 2009 Gene Giancini was cleaning out a building on Scranton’s West Side. His family had operated a business in the building for 30 years, and he was in the process of selling it. He found, stacked in the corner, old photos of Christmas window displays from Household Outfitting Company, 306-314 Lackawanna Ave. Mr. Giancini generously donated the photos to the Scranton Public Library. We will be presenting them through this web site.

Vince Sweeney recently posted about how he regrets not having ay old photos of The Globe, and how great it was at Christmastime. Maybe this will help make up for that!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New local politics blog


NEPArtisan is dedicated to providing insight, commentary, and news important to the Northeastern Pennsylvania community.

Administrators and Editors

Tom Borthwick graduated from Marywood University in 2004 with a BA in English. He holds both an MA and MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University, obtained in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Also, he likes talking politics.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New blog: Scrantonist


From the introductory post:
I wasn't born in Scranton, and I don't live there now, but it's where I'm from. I came of age there, and stayed for all the milestones of young adulthood. I left four years ago, to finish my twenties somewhere else. Sometimes I go back, see friends, get drunk, marvel like any other young thing a few years away from home at all that's changed and new. And every day that I'm away, living somewhere else, I think of this city and the people and places in it and all that's happened there.

And I want to remember some of those things here, like running through the then (and now, again) abandoned Nay Aug Park Zoo in junior high, spending high school weekends in the thick cloud of cigarette smoke on the second floor of Cafe del Sol on Mulberry Street, begging rides out to Sea-Sea's in Moosic for shows before it closed (and then burned) down, drinking six packs in the rock quarry when we were still underage, learning to dance and fight and laugh, making our own fun, screaming ourselves hoarse with frustration and hope in various apartments on various streets in one little corner of the earth.

This blog'll be a tribute to Scranton, a place to sketch the stories of what it was like to cut your teeth on heartache and friendship and recklessness in this particular city at a particular moment in time. I'll cast some memories here (with pseudonyms of course--it's a small town, after all) for my own sake and anyone who cares to hear them. I invite fellow Scrantonians to mark down their own moments of coming up in that town; I'm happy to post them here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Uncornered Market: From Scranton to the rest of the world

The latest from the mailbag:

Hi D.B.,

Would be grateful if would add Uncornered Market to the blogroll/mentions on NEPAblogs:

I grew up in Scranton before going to school at Cornell, moving to DC, San Francisco and Prague. My wife and I have been traveling the world and living out of backpacks for almost 3 years. We were profiled in the Scranton Times lifestyles section back in early 2008. Would give you a link, but the Times is apparently not keen on keeping online archives more than 18 months these days.

My ode to Scranton based on our last visit there:

You can find us on Twitter: @umarket

Cheers and thanks,

Daniel Noll
measuring the Earth with our feet...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From the mailbag: NEPA Mom


I am a SAHM* of four young children. I live in NEPA and am on the hunt for fun, family friendly activities and companies that make my life easier. I'll keep you updated on what I find!

*Stay-at-home mom. I had to look it up.

As always, if you have a blog, yadda yadda, NEPA, yadda yadda, contact us!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brand Spankin' New

As DB & Gort are probably already aware, I spend the majority of my time online on a social networking website called Twitter these days. DB has recently blogged about the possibility of whether or not Facebook and Twitter are killing blogging. I don't agree. It's true that I don't blog as much as I used to now that those websites are around, but I don't have as much time as I had in the past to write out a full blog entry (being mother of 2 who works close to 50 hours a week). Twitter is a quick 140 character way to let everyone I'm still alive. I've grown a bit attached to the #NEPA Twitter community and you'd be surprised to know that a great deal of them have blogs, and here's an even bigger shock.....BLOGS THAT THEY ACTUALLY UPDATE! The long running inside joke about being listed on NEPA Blogs is that once your blog is posted to the directory, blog dies out. I hope that is not the case with our new fresh meat. Enjoy enjoy!


Random Thoughts by Neil Bytes (via Twitter @NeilBytes)
"A blog about almost everything and almost anything."

Miss Mandy's Stream of...well, something. (via Twitter @mlb217)
Updated 1/8/10 by Harold:
"Cashing in spare change is one of her favorite simple pleasures; she enjoys reading, and hopes one day to figure out exactly what she wants to do. "

A Dork Among Geeks (via Twitter @gmFunkd)
Surprise! This is my cousin Keilly! We have a ton of similar Geeky interests - such as Apple Products, Politics and Hockey. Be sure to check her out!

Jason Percival: Technology Enthusiast (via Twitter @jasonpercival)
A technology driven blog, but coming straight out of Nanny-Coke!

The Morning Meeting (via Twitter @FSEnterprises)
"A Collection of Rants, Raves, and Everything In Between"

Sheli's Blog (via Twitter @shelitwits)
"Everything you want/need to know about the Technical Services department at the Albright Memorial Library!"

Manassy Watch (via Twitter @e_man)
A HUGE Jets fan from NEPA who enjoys family, WWII, social networking and..did I mention the Jets?

------Formerly of NEPA------

The Pursuit of a Life With No Regrets (via Twitter @nashvegasaudrey)

UPDATED 12/2/2009 by Harold:
Single Mom Road Trip
The blog of Audrey Korshoff, formerly of NEPA

I'd rather be elswhere, most likely (via Twitter @meredithelaine)
"Because not all 30-somethings have their shit together." (Meredith used to attend the U of S and is now living in California.)

As always, If you'd like to see your Blog's name up in the shiny lights of NEPA Blogs, please leave a message in the comments, or send DB, Gort or I an email and we'll be more than happy to add you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

NEPA Bride

From the Inbox:
NEPA Bride

I’m a 25 year bride located in Northeast Pennsylvania, planning an October 2010 wedding. I love reading about unique and fun weddings and I’m hoping to create a day that truly reflects myself and my guy. We want to break out of the traditional, stuffy kind of weddings that seem to be the norm here. We want to DIY what we can and create a fun and festive party to celebrate our love with all our friends I want to document this process for a few reasons. First, to have and keep for myself, my friends and my family. Second, to share my experiences in the hopes it helps other NEPA brides. Our area of the country often seems to be behind the times with the latest trends and styles, so I hope any gems I find benefit you! Finally, to really start to get a sense on what makes a marriage. There’s a lot of ‘wedding stuff’ out there, and goodness knows I’ll be talking about it. But I also want to reflect on the larger issues of marriage as I head into this new chapter of my life.

Remember, if you blog about Northeastern PA, or blog from Northeastern PA, or used to be from Northeastern PA and have a blog, please let us know and we'll list you here on NEPA Blogs!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Splashdown: Natural Gas drilling

Natural gas drilling and its social and environmental consequences are going to be an increasing concern as more wells are drilled and more people (and aquafiers, and waterways) are affected. Here's one blog focusing on "blogging from nepa about gas drilling... here and across the u.s. " I expect there will be more.


Remember, if you blog about Northeastern PA, or blog from Northeastern PA, or used to be from Northeastern PA and have a blog, please let us know and we'll list you here on NEPA Blogs!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Scranton Guardian

The Scranton Guardian is a new political blog that provides News of interest to the people of the Scranton area.

The author provides links to political stories from the local and nation media but doesn't throw his/her 2 cents in on the homepage but has part of the discussion on many other local political blogs.

Welcome to the circus.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More, more, more

There are hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of blogs out there in NEPA, or being done by people from NEPA. Just click on any of the blogs on the sidebar and you'll probably find a list of links to other local blogs. I found these through a Google search with almost no effort at all.

My Beer Buzz
So what is
Welcome to home of Northeastern Pennsylvania's craft beer scene. On this site you will find the latest, most up-to-date tap lists for all of our participating local beer bars & micro-breweries, and the newest cases at our local craft beer distributors. You can post comments, beer sightings, tap lists, upcoming events, new bottles, festivals, and even coming soon on tap lists. This list is open to bar owners, craft beer distributors, bartenders and even mybeerbuzz reporters (more details above).

Republican in NEPA
And I am African American....
Okay, this is the first of my musings of being in NEPA, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Republican, Female and Black....Who would have thought I existied...Well, it is a lonely life here...

We Talk NEPA

NEPA Twilight Moms
This blog is a place for NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) TwilightMoms to keep track of all the latest happenings in the world of The Twilght Saga. Information is gathered from some of the biggest, most popular Twilight sites, including but not limited to: TwilightMoms, Twilight Lexicon, His Golden Eyes and Twilight Guide for us to enjoy and discuss. I am in no way taking credit for this news.

NEPA Harvest
NEPA Harvest is an online community portal aimed at cultivating an understanding and participation in socially responsible community supported agriculture, for the sustainability of the Northeastern Pennsylvania's environment and economy.

Blackout Design Blog

The Top 100 Twitterholics based on Followers in NEPA

blogcatalog: NEPA
myNEPA is NEPA's online community, an information gateway to Northeastern Pennsylvania. On myNEPA, you can find information about area businesses, community events, entertainment, weather, sports, news, history, photos, contests and more added every week. Create a profile to save your information.

Scranton and NePa blog index

Grateful Roast
Thanks for visiting Grateful Roast. NEPA’s Source for the worlds best fresh roasted coffee. Have a look around and learn a bit about who we are. We offer great wholesale rates too, so if you’d like to serve the best tasting coffee around, be sure to contact us with the inquiry. Also check the store.. great coffee abound!

Cada Momento
My name is Karyn. I was born in a small town in NEPA. I was raised Mormon, with both parents, a brother who is pretty much dead to me for various reasons, and a baby sister whom I hated the first half of her life, now I absolutely adore. I love dogs and cats. I had cockier spaniels growing up and I adore them. I want a bulldog or a pit now. My favorite color is purple, hence my pledge name of ‘Purple People Eater’. I am a member of a Greek organization. Alpha Sigma Tau. You can find me various places.

The Personal Blog of Matt Artz

MetroAction’s small business blog, InterAction, is NEPA’s most comprehensive online learning resource for small businesses. If there’s news that benefits NEPA small businesses we will talk about it here.

Wand'ring Thru Wayne & Pike County PA
Trying to get a new real estate blog off the ground and running is sometimes a slow process. I’ve had my ActiveRain real estate blog going for some time and have seen success, but I rarely get consumer comments (I think a lot of folks think you have to be a real estate agent to comment).

So I launched as an “independent blog” or, an “outside blog” as fellow ActiveRainer’s call it. Hopefully this will make consumers feel more comfortable commenting here or asking questions. The content on both blogs will be basically the same; though the ActiveRain blog may be a summary of what is posted here.

Since our start in 2005, we have been committed to developing a trusting relationship with our readers and independent business owners.

Our mission is simple: To be a being a creative catalyst for cultural change by promoting independent businesses and independent minds.

And let's not forget Andy Palumbo!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Writing workshop for teens

Erin Delaney (of Take A Hike, Living in Sections, and The Duped Scholar) will be running a writing (and publishing!) workshop for teens this summer. There are still a few spots available. From the announcement post on Living in Sections:

DIY: On Assignment
A Summer Writing Workshop for Teens
July 13 - 17th, 9 a.m. - noon
at Paper Kite Press Studio & Gallery
443 Main Street • Kingston, PA

Got a lot of writing ideas, but can't find a place to publish? Why not cook up a scheme to put together your own underground publication! During this one week workshop, students will develop the creative journalism elements that it takes to create and publish a DIY Zine. Students will write mastheads, construct entertaining feature stories, and conduct their own interviews while tapping into their creative side with artistic layouts and collage.

Cost for the week is $150 and includes supplies.
Registration in advance is a must.
Call 570-328-8658 for details, or email us at

About the Instructor

Erin Delaney is a
Weekender Columnist, a Luzerne County Community College English Instructor, and an avid hiker and traveler. She has also been published by Poems Against War, Poetry-in-Transit, and has performed her work all over the Wyoming Valley and at various NYC venues. Her human interest journalism can be seen in The Philadelphia City Paper, The Diamond City/Electric City, as well as various cities via the national network of Woman's Newspapers and online at her website: She is currently preparing to cook dinner indoors without burning the bottom of the pan.

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Dead

NEPA Blogs bids a sad farewell to these sites. Every one of them was a product of someone's efforts, someone's passion, but now they are gone. Each one's passing is a loss to the blogosphere.

From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate - DEAD
Ignorance Is Bliss - DEAD
My Little Black Cloud - DEAD
NEPA Exposed - spammed, no longer active
Scranton-at-Large - DEAD
Stop the Supply Sider Insanity - DEAD - DEAD
Tax and Small Business Forum - DEAD
Voice of the People, USA - DEAD
W-B Citizens On Line - DEAD
Wilkes-Barre Politics - DEAD

NEPA Bloggers links: the review

I've gone through the complete list of NEPA Bloggers from the sidebar - "complete" as far as the sidebar goes; there are some that have been mentioned in blog posts that I never added to the sidebar. I'll check those out, too.

Some of these are just archives. Some are websites that do not feature continuously updated feeds. Some have been inactive for a while. Some are dead, no longer in existence, or cybersquatted into oblivion.

The dead will be removed. Everything else will be added to the new list, though the archives and websites without feeds will automatically go to the bottom. The inactive sites will fall to the bottom, too, though that will change whenever they are updated.

Here's the list:

#1: The complete archives of the original NEPA Blog - archive
A Pennsylvania Burkean - last updated March 16, 2008
Adventures of the Card Lady - active
Another Monkey - linked
Author: David Yonki - last updated January 31, 2008
Beale's Bites - linked
Ben Folds Laundry - MySpace site, last updayed 2006
Big Dan's Big Blog - linked
Bringing the Majority to Luzerne County - last updated January 6, 2008
Coal Region Voice - linked (formerly Baldwin Brothers) - last updated May 28, 2008
Coming Back to Life (formerly Small Town Stacey) - linked
Computer Wise TV Blog - linked
Cultural Council of Luzerne County - last updated June 21, 2008
Daily Dose o' Donna - active
Dallas, Pennsylvania (The Other Dallas) - linked
Dining in and around Northeastern Pennsylvania - last updated July 10, 2008
Doherty Deceit - active
Dr. Glenn Czulada, Chiropractor - linked
Dr. Tara's Thoughts & Ideas, etc. ... - last updated July 29, 2007
Fading Ad Blog: NEPA - active
From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate - DEAD - linked
Gort42 - linked
hints, allegations, and things left unsaid - last updated August 23, 2008
History's Shadow - last updated August 16, 2006
Ignorance Is Bliss - DEAD
J-Scranton - linked - active (linked?)
Jennifer D. Wade Journal - linked
John Cole Cartoons - linked
k8 - MySpace; active
Kelly Gibbons: artist and writer - linked
Kevin Blasi, Mortgage Specialist - last post Feb. 5, 2008 - active
Late Night Meanderings - last post Jan. 5, 2008
Life's A Dance You Learn As You Go - linked
Living in Sections (formerly Tales of a Hopemonger) - linked
Local Values - last updated Nov. 6, 2008
Luzerne County Courhouse News - last updated March 27, 2009 - linked
My Little Black Cloud - DEAD
Nanticoke News - archive site
NEPA Exposed - spammed, no longer active
NEPA Power! (Professionals Organized and Working to Enrich the Region) - active
NEPA Runner - active
Northeast PA media news and gossip - last updated November 7, 2008
Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living - linked
Northeastern PA Mortgages Blog - active (linked?)
Not Cease from Exploration - linked
Not Quite Grown-Up - linked
OfficeTally - linked
Old Forge Class of 1976 Blog - linked
Old Forge Pizza Blog - last updated Dec. 1, 2008
PA on the Go Weblog - active
People Against Wilkes-Barre Security Cameras - one post, 2005
People Say Stupid Things - last post May 24, 2007
Poconos/I-80 East Haunts & History - active at
Political Rants - linked
Politics in Northeast Pennsylvania - active - active
Publicity Photos - active, linked
QAZSE, a poetry blog from Dallas - active
Return to the NEPA Blogs main page
Rochelle (Currently "Friends-only" MySpace site)
Rock the Hyphen - last updated March 12, 2008
Scootin' Da Valley - linked
Scranton-at-Large - DEAD
Shadow's Reach - active
Shakin' The Tree - last updated Dec. 7, 2006
Slides and Slippers - active at
Starting a New Medical School - active (linked?)
Stop the Supply Sider Insanity - DEAD - DEAD
Surf Scranton - last updated 2/2/08
Surveying, Mapping, and GIS - active (linked)
Susquehanna River Sentinel - active, but no RSS feed!
Tax and Small Business Forum - DEAD
That's How I See It - last updated Nov. 5, 2008
The American Check-Up - last updated Dec. 4, 2008
The Angry Republican - last updated June 6, 2008
The Borys Blog - active (linked?)
The Duped Scholar - active
The Independent, Conservative, Common Sense Oasis - active
The Lady Speaks (new site) - updated March 15, 2009
The Lady Speaks (old site) - archive
The Lu Lac Political Letter - active (linked?)
The Old Cat Lady Speaks - active
The Rockin' Traddy - active (linked?)
Things At King's - linked - updated January 16, 2009
Vince Sweeney's Blog - active (linked)
Voice of the People, USA - DEAD
W-B Citizens On Line - DEAD
Watermelon Punch - last updated July 21,2008
webster107 - linked
Welcome to Trail Creek Properties, Inc. Luzerne, PA - website
West Side Republican - last updated January 24, 2008
Wilkes-Barre High Schools - last updated April 15, 2008
Wilkes-Barre Online - archive; linked and updating at
Wilkes-Barre Political Scene - active
Wilkes-Barre Politics - DEAD
Wyoming Valley Photos - updated January 6, 2009

New look, new functionality

I have revised the template for NEPA Blogs from Minima to Minima Stretch. Which means that it now looks pretty much the same, but wider. If anyone has any suggestions for more interesting (but functional) templates, please let me know!

I'm also copying over all of the blog links (the non-dead ones) into the "NEPA Bloggers Updates" section on the sidebar. This list will constantly re-order itself with the most recently updated blogs at the top. It will also list the name and date of the most recent post.

I was thinking of not including inactive blogs - those that have not been updated in six months or longer - but I think I will. You never know when, for example, Beale's Bites might start posting again!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Two new blogs: NoFreeWind and Take A Hike

Two new blogs, relayed by the bloggers through the comments on the previous post:

NoFreeWind - Blogging The Heavy Price We Pay For Windpower (

From this introductory post (actually, the third post on the blog):

Did you think the wind was free? I don't think so. Let's start at the start, because frankly this question is a game of numbers and common sense and observation.

I live and work in Lackawanna County(PA) on the edge of the Poconos in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There are 209,000 people living in 86,218 households. How many wind turbines do we need to meet the needs of Lackawanna County residents? We are gong to start at the start and let's consider the number based on numbers supplied by a local wind farm.

And then we have Take A Hike (

From the introductory post:

Instead, I want to trek my great homestate of PA. We've got great trails in our state parks. I've been hiking them for most of my adult life but now that I'm hiking them with a full pack, getting dirty and gritty, and seeing PA from ground to mountaintop, I wanna tell you all about it. I'll give you some info on the local nature, hiking and backpacking, and give you the low down on my experiences here on PA trails. Look for my hiking zine (called "Take a Hike," which will be out soon) as a supplement to this blog.

Perhaps our next NEPA Bloggers' get-together could consist of a hike to one of the local wind farms! It would be a change of pace from the usual beer, cigarettes, and nachos!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

NEPA Bloggers get-together, Saturday, May 2 2009

Attention all Northeatern Pennsylvania bloggers, blog readers, blog fans, groupies, stalkers, and people who just wanna hang with the cool kids: Gort has officially announced the 12th annual get together of the Saturday OT Committee and Operatic Society to watch the Kentucky Derby! Over the last few years this has evolved to include a loose and disorganized gathering of NEPA bloggers. All are welcome!

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 2 starting at 4:00 PM (Kentucky Derby post time is 6:04) at Mark's Pub, 1287 North Washington Street in Wilkes-Barre (click here for directions).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In memoriam; Windsor Park Stories

Windsor Park Stories was a 30 minute human interest show that first aired on WVIA and then later moved stations to WBRE. The words "Human Interest Show" does not full describe the touching stories, documentaries and talent shared from the backyard of Kitch and Tony Mussari.

In Tony Mussari's words:
"Despite Windsor Park Stories focus on everyday people, the series is not simply a collection of observations about regional life. Instead, it centers on the real life experiences of people who visit the gardens at Windsor Park. Many of the stories are told by residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania, while others are told by people who live half a world away."

On 1/18/09 WPS aired its last show in light of the economic downturn and and Tony's heart surgery. After viewing the last show on WBRE; I went online and did a google search for Windsor Park Stories and was able to find It looks like most of the stories that aired on Network TV are uploaded to the "Now Playing" section of the website. I highly recommend viewing the Judge Max Rosenn, Dan Flood and the Bernies Memorial Walk clips to start with. Of course, once you watch one clip, you have to see all of them. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


NEPA now has a social networking site to call its own!

Scrantonians is yet another (...hold your groans until the end of the blog post...) social networking site; BUT exclusively for those of us who live in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. According to a recent tweet from Webster107 only a few more members are needed to reach the 100 user mark. Give it a try and sign up!

In addition, for those of you who use Twitter...there has now been a Twibe setup for NEPA. A twibe, which is a play on the word tribe, is a group of people on Twitter who share common interests. Please visit to link up your Twitter username to the NEPA Twibe.

Happy Wednesday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dr. Dave has a blog

Dr. David Madeira was a candidate for the state senate in 2006 and came in 2nd in the GOP primary. To say that Dave is a conservative is like saying Attila the Hun had only a slight penchant for vandalism. Just kidding pal. We disagree on almost everything but I always look forward to hearing his thoughts.

Could we please have our country back now?

My kids are going to have to clean this mess up and I'd just like to help them get started as soon as possible.

Some resources

These site haven't updated in a while but they have some good background information on current NEPA events in the news.

Luzerne County Juvenile Detention Center Analysis

How The Pursuit Of Money Leads To Corruption

Hazleton's Cargo Airport

Sadly Luzerne County Courthouse News has stopped updating. The author told me it was too time consuming and was disappointed with the lack of interest (traffic).

I ain't afraid of no ghost

Luzerne County Ghost Hunters

We formed our group in December of 2007 with the sole purpose of finding the truth. Since then, we have been on many investigations and have collected enough evidence to truly believe what we are doing is a worth while cause. All of our team members have had past experiences that led us to the paranormal field. Most of our team has been doing paranormal investigations and research long before our group was formed....

If you feel your home or business is haunted, Please contact us, we want to help you. We would love to talk to you about your experiences. We will make sure that your privacy is protected.

Upcoming Events in NEPA

Happy Easter/Passover Everyone! I hope the Bunny left you a ton of goodies in your basket on this cold, but beautiful morning in Northeast PA. I just wanted to announce two upcoming events in NEPA that may be of interest to you.

#NEPATweetUp v3.0

Start Time: Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 7:00pm
Arena Bar & Grill
Coal Street; Wilkes-Barre, PA

For users of Twitter: The third official NEPA Tweet Up. If you Twitter, come meet your fellow Tweeters for fun, food and drinks. We'll get started around 7ish, but Arena's ever-popular Sunday Happy Hour is from 9-11, with $2 drinks and live entertainment.

PLEASE SHARE event with NEPA Tweeters you know are on Facebook/Twitter or Bloggers. For more info, follow @shelitwits on Twitter. She's our organizer!

For more information about joining twitter, or what "twitter" actually is, click here. The article is written by Donna Talarico who is linked on the sidebar under "Daily Dose 'o Donna".

Breaker Brewing Company Debut

A few friends that I used to work with started up a home brewery right here in NEPA. From the Breaker Brewing Company webpage: "We are a small operation located in Plains, Pennsylvania that brews and delivers handcrafted beer to local bars and pubs." The suds are ready to start flowing in two weeks:

4/23/09 - Breaker Brewing Company will be debuting their Beer at Kelsey's Restaurant in Ashley, PA. For directions click here. Stop by anytime after 4PM

4/24/09 - Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre to begin pouring Breaker Brewing Company beer! Stop in and enjoy a Breaker Brew. For directions click here

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Old Forge High School Class of 1976

Attention: Old Forge High School Class of 1976

Your High School reunion is now ONLINE! How cool is that? Our latest blog addition request comes from Nick LaGrasta creator/maintainer of the Old Forge High School Class of 1976 blog. "We had J, We had F, We had S's in the S"

Be sure to check out the retro pictures posted and also the links on the sidebar, one of my favorites happens to be The Old Forge Pizza Blog.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Computerwise TV Blog

George Roberts, is the host of the ComputerWise tv show that airs live on Wednesdays on the Service Electric and Blue Ridge Cable systems. He's a very technically savvy guy and has a blog where he posts computer and internet tips.

If you'd like to find more information about when the TV show airs, check out the schedule here.

Not Cease From Exploration

A Scranton blogger who opines on many different subjects.

Not Cease From Exploration

Just a middle-aged, middle-class white guy with plenty of opinions and fairly good typing skills.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Calling All Facebookers

Several months ago, I started a group on the Facebook social networking site called "NEPA Bloggers". To be honest, I haven't really done much with the group since it was created and the group was set to invite until today. . . .

Today, I changed the group from invite only status over to allow anyone to join. If you are linked from NEPA Blogs and want to join, search for the "NEPA Bloggers" group on Facebook and join in on the fun. My hopes are that once enough people join, we can plan Blogcon's and announce other events that are going on with in the blogger community. The only requirement we have to join this group is that you are an actively linked blog on NEPA Blogs. If you have a blog that isn't linked from NEPA Blogs yet, please send Gort, DB or myself an email and we will be more than happy to link to you.

For those of you who haven't heard of Facebook ( and want to learn more please visit the following link:

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Polish Bear's World

Chuck Anziulewicz has family ties to Northeastern Pennsylvania, and often writes about his fond memories of the time he spent here in his youth. He now lives in West Virginia and blogs in Livejournal at PolishBear's World.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Scootin' da Valley

I was scouring the Internet for blogs about Nanticoke a month or two ago when I came across Scootin' da Valley, a blog by a resident of the Wyoming Valley about his adventures on his scooter:

From the introductory post:

I was never much of a risk taker, generally preferring a quiet, known path to adventure. I don't think of riding as all that risky because I suppose I keep thinking It can't/won't happen to me whenever I read about a bike accident. I try to be careful.

My purchase of a scooter was inspired by Blogger's "Labels for this post: e.g. scooters," example in the Post Options. I read that one day while tending to a defunct blog of mine and remembered my Uncle Andy taking me for a ride on a rented, green scooter when I was about five years old. Something clicked and I started thinking about getting one. Surprisingly, my wife's initial resistance was overcome quickly.

I thought briefly about a motorcycle instead of a scooter, but two major factors came into play. Because I'm not a patient person I didn't want to have to take the time to learn anything - like how to shift gears and the cover to cover contents of a DMV motorcycle manual.

I got a Piaggio Fly50 in May of 2007 and traded up to the Piaggio BV250 five months later. I don't know how much I'll write here. Starting up a new blog was something I wasn't truly sure I wanted to do. I'm still not sure but stick around and we'll see if something worthwhile emerges.

Nine months and seventy-nine posts later, he's still at it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Luzerne County Courthouse News

Sadly, Northeastern Pennsylvania is in the news for all the wrong reasons these days. The big issue making national and international headlines is the ongoing scandal in the Luzerne County Courthouse. News is coming out of the courthouse so quickly that...well, let me just repost from Gort's blog here:

You need a "live" ticker to keep up with the Luzerne County courthouse corruption

That was a
comment from Big Dan.Well Dan, some local interested citizen created one and thanks for writing my next few posts in the comments.

Luzerne County Courthouse News

In blogger parlance the site is a link factory but a very welcome one.It also includes links to all the legal documents such as indictments and plea agreements.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Whitmoyer Art Studio & Gallery

Received via comment today:

The Whitmoyer Art Studio & Gallery is a family-run establishment devoted to promoting artistic and cultural activities in a rural setting. We are located just outside Millville, a charming little community nestled in the Pennsylvania countryside.

William Whitmoyer and his daughter Giselle produce most or their work on site and we host other local artists. We currently carry original artworks and reproductions by Christopher Badalucco, Dona Blue, Lynne Fiocchi, Mark Golomb, Larry Ney II, Jo Thompson Pennypacker, Lori Reese, Paul Remaley, Marlin Wagner, as well as Giselle and William Whitmoyer. These artists' works vary in media from painting and drawing to photography, jewelry, pottery and sculpture.

We aspire to work with our community to promote art and culture through an array of activities and events. EVERYONE is welcome to come into our Gallery and enjoy the artwork on display, exchange a few words, share some time with us.

We are about a 45 minute ride from many Poconos resorts, Rickett's Glen State Park, World's End State Park, the village of Eagles Mere, and Knoebels' Grove in Elysburg, just to name a few local attractions. We are presently featuring nine local artists, their media ranging from photography to paintings, drawings, jewelry and pottery, and we accept new talent frequently.

I would appreciate it if you were to post links to our website and blog (respectively, they are):

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

David in D.C.

From the introductory post:

Hey NEPA, as you may have heard from my interview with Frankie or WBRE, I will be in Washington D.C. during the inauguration and have been blessed with the opportunity to report back on all the political happenings associated with this historic event.

Follow Wilkes University freshman David Cook's adventures at his blog, David in D.C.!