Welcome to NEPA Blogs!

This is a form letter that I'm trying to send out to each blogger as we add them. Unfortunately, not every blogger has an email address I can locate easily, so I may just start giving them a link to this page so they could see who we are and what we're about. I'll need to update this message from time to time to keep it current.

Hi. My name is Harold Jenkins (though I blog as d.b. echo) and I want to let you know you've been linked by NEPA Blogs (http://nepablogs.blogspot.com , or nepablogs.org for short.)

NEPA Blogs is a site with a simple goal: to link to every blog here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I started this site in 2006 with the thought to increase traffic to my own blog, Another Monkey (http://anothermonkey.blogspot.com) by creating a central hub that would link to and be linked by dozens of other blogs. I never saw that increase in traffic, but over time the site grew into something much cooler: a networking site for blogs in NEPA. You can read the whole story here:

Co-administrators Michelle D., Gort42 and I are always looking for new blogs to link to. Gort specializes in political blogs, while Michelle is the queen of all media, social and otherwise, and is heavily involved in community activities. She also secured us a spot on the WBRE TV show PA Live!, where we present the NEPA Blogs Blog of the Week every Tuesday around 4:30. (It's a 90-second spot, so don't blink or you'll miss it!)

This isn't a scam, or a scheme, or even a business. We don't get any profit from it, except for the potential increase in traffic to our individual blogs if other blogs link back to NEPA Blogs - the same benefit that everyone linked by NEPA Blogs enjoys. If you don't want your blog listed, just let us know, and we'll remove the link.

Blogging can sometimes feel like a very isolated activity. But know this: you are not alone. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of bloggers all over Northeastern Pennsylvania. Come visit NEPA Blogs and see who else is blogging right in your backyard. You'll find links to our Twitter feed, our Facebook group, our Google+ site, and all past Blog of the Week presentations on PA Live!  There are buttons you can add to your site to link back to NEPA Blogs, and an open invitation for submissions for our header image, which changes every week. 

You'll also find information about upcoming events and gatherings of bloggers. Join us, meet your fellow bloggers in NEPA, have fun, and keep on blogging!

- Harold Jenkins