Wednesday, June 04, 2008

NEPA Media Max

NEPA Media Max
A new uncensored look at the media in North East PA.

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From the introductory post:

This blog is following in Howard's Beale's footsteps. "Beale's Bites" was the inspiration. However recently, there are no "up to date" sources for NEPA news media gossip, hearsay, rumors and what have you. There are plenty of great news stories and blogs that seem to fall through the cracks. The only place media people had a voice was in the comments of dead blogs.

So today, Howard Beale may be dead, but now "NEPA Media Max" will pick up where he left off.

This blog will be different, because it will be all based on you.

It will not be run like the media. It will be run like any good blog does. Writing all the good gossip and pointing you towards things you might have missed in other blogs, newspaper stories and on TV. Your comments will NOT be moderated.

So don't spend your days fishing for media gossip. Come here and see if someone sent it to me first.

* * *

Sad to say, I never knew who the original "Howard Beale" was until I asked someone in the industry! "Max" is from the same reference.