Sunday, September 28, 2008

More politics

We have a new NEPA political blogger and he has been typing up a storm over the past month.

He signs himself McGruff and I get the idea that Paul Kanjorski doesn't return his phone calls.

Sights on Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is such a great state that I decided to start a blog where issues within its borders can be posted and discussed. I am not a native since I was born in Wilmington, DE. but the rich history of both states is part of my curiosity over the Constitution, the law, and politics. I am a firm believer in the foundation for our Constitution. Readings and writings of our forefathers describe a rich heritage of intuitive insight into the complex discussions that laid the groundwork for this great nation we call the United States of America. I truly believe that the transformation we see today in government was not what George, Thomas, and others envisioned but I am happy that their design has endured the tests put to it over the years. I am somewhat conservative in belief although there are liberal undertones that surface every once in a while. I have learned in my fifty plus years that there are conservative and progressive(hint liberal) issues that face each family on a daily basis. If we get caught up in labels as strictly liberal or conservative I believe we close our eyes to life's pure experiences.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Not politics


An online tribute to the MIGHTY 590, WARM RADIO. A station that all in Northeastern Pennsylvania (WARMland) grew up with.

Harold Says

HaroldSays offers the most comprehensive and positive consumer complaint or issue resolution services available anywhere today and all at no cost and with no obligation to you as the consumer who visits my site. I am "paying it forward," as they say.

Crazy Chris's Woodshed

A site for local country music fans.

It's an election year

So a few new political blogs have popped up.

The Really Pissed Off Republican

A place to blast liberals without using our handguns because we need no more gun control legislation out there.

The Empire of the Mind

The Empire of the Mind is a blog covering politics and news of all varieties. We hope to provide you, every day if all goes according to plan, fresh analysis of the day’s important news by a variety of contributors from diverse backgrounds. Empire’s contributors may be highly opinionated or attempt to be neutral; in any case, we will always try our best to provide insightful and thoughtful analysis. Most of all, we hope you’ll find our shenanigans informative and enjoyable to read. Stop by often and visit, we’ll be here!

Right Wing Wiz Kid

Opinionated, Hard-Hitting Right Wing Conservative News And Observations. If You Are A Left Wing Liberal You WILL Be Offended! If Your Are Looking For Politically Correct Observations, You Won’t Find Them Here. Political Commentary With No Spin, The Kind You Don’t Get From The Mainstream Media. Politics, Congress, Global Warming, Gun Control, The U.S. Military Are Just Some Of The Topics That Will Be Covered. With an Occasional Touch Of Humor To Relieve The Stress.

Pa GOP Insider

Written by former Republican Committeeman Barry O'Connell