Sunday, June 17, 2007

A few more sites

My apologies to the Card Lady for not linking to her earlier. She was recently in the Southwestern USA and has some great pics.

The NEPA Rainbow Alliance has a blog and a bunch of other sites. What they say is that's it OK to be gay and be proud of it. More power to you folks. I'm so sick of the hate that is directed toward members of my family just because they're "different."

Voice of the People backs Lou Barletta and is holding rallies. Another group that aims to divide us instead of uniting people.

Coal Region Voice down in Sunbury may be technically out of our area but is a good read.

And finally a news/politics site Scranton-at-Large. His mission statement:

Fed up with the managed news that the “mute press” (Scranton’s sole daily paper) has been producing, citizen extraordinaire Joseph Talamini took it upon himself to create a voice for the people: Scranton-at-Large. Founded in October 2006 on a shoestring budget, Scranton-at-Large takes side with the working class, delivering shot after shot across the bow of the area’s “elite,” establishment forces. With its unforgiving editorials, groundbreaking investigative reporting, and free distribution, Scranton-at-Large finally gives this city a viable news alternative.

Another Scranton site is Lackawanna County News that I've been reluctant to list because he is a vicious anti-semite. But the site is out there and deserves a listing just because it's a NEPA blog.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beale's Bites is Back!

After a three-month hiatus that felt like forever, Beale's Bites is back! Thanks to Howard Beale him(or her-)self for this bit of information!