Monday, August 06, 2018

Lazy Day Project

Michelle Westbrook has been a longtime blogger, and two of her older blogs, now defunct, have been listed on NEPA Blogs in the past. Her current blog is called Lazy Day Project ( Here's how she describes it on her "About" page:

The name has two meanings…

(1) This blog is a fun hobby to fill my lazy days by writing about whatever is on my mind.

(2) Maybe one day it will encourage others to have more lazy days in this super busy world.

...When I’m not working, I REALLY want to relax and recharge – so lazy days are super important to me. It’s self-care, right?!

Anyway, I’m 39 years young and live in the Poconos with my husband Craig and our beagle mix, LuLu. If you haven’t already guessed… I love lazy days. I also love reading, camping, being outside, Netflix binges, and blogging.

Check out Lazy Day Project - and learn to savor any lazy days you're able to grab!