Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wyoming Valley Photos, and goodbye to Dr. Rick

I'm back. I apologize for my absence - if you've been following my adventures on Another Monkey, you know I've been a little busy buying a house. But that's done now, so before I get a lot busy restoring the house, here's some new business for NEPA Blogs:

I came across another local blog last weekend. Wyoming Valley Photos delivers what it promises - photos from the Wyoming Valley. Just a warning: this is a photo-intense blog, so make sure your computer and your connection are up to the task.

On a sadder (and very belated) note, Dr. Rick has taken down The American Check-Up. He actually did this several weeks ago. You can read all about it on Gort's Gort42 - the initial announcement is here, and a follow-up message from Dr. Rick is here.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Broadcast news

I stumbled across the blog of a local TV type by the name of Jennifer Wade.

Jennifer D. Wade Journal

I work as a broadcast journalist at a local television station. I'm mostly behind the scenes, but watch closely. You might catch a glimpse once in a while

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Belated change of status for a NEPA Blogger

It's been ten days since the Seaslug of Doom, blogger of The Speaking Sisyphus Stone, packed his things and departed NEPA for the wilds of California. While I do not believe he was originally from NEPA, I have moved his blog into the "BLOGGERS ORIGINALLY FROM NEPA" section of the sidebar, a fate that awaits any blogger who dares to depart the loving embrace of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Hey, once a NEPA Blogger, always a NEPA Blogger.

Good luck out there, dude. And keep the mall reports coming! I think there may be a book there...