Sunday, May 23, 2010

Power of 5

Power of 5 USA for You

This is written Mike Avery who is passionate about what he does.

Politics is not an intellectual exercise, it is trench warfare in a civilized manner. If you are not inclined to stand up and be counted, please sit down and get out of the way of those who are.

Adding to the list

Usually a listing on this site results in the blogger we highlight to stop writing. Just like voting it's the kiss of death. Trying to reverse that trend I waited to see if these local scribes would stick it out for a few months and they have.

Pure Bunkum

We started this blog because we care, and we’re concerned and you should be too.

If you think Luzerne County is bad - and is it ever! – it’s small potatoes compared to what’s going on in Washington, D.C., where self-serving career politicians systematically squander our taxes, strangle our businesses, and perpetuate a mind-set which encourages dependency on government. Don’t you see what they’re doing? – anything it takes to keep them in power, like delivering $300,000 of taxpayers’ money to build a theater in a likely opponent’s backyard or promising to come through with $500,000 for another local project. Both politicians insinuated that such goodies could vanish if they’re not re-elected.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” warned Thomas Paine in ”Common Sense,” as he rallied the colonies to stand up to tyranny.

These words ring true today.

Those who control the national purse strings are determined to undermine those who work and enable those who loaf.

Our elected officials, so drunk with power and their own self importance, are detached from those they were entrusted to represent.

Case in point: Health care reform. The American people have made it clear they do not want life and death legislation rushed through in the wee hours of the morning by a chosen few with scant concern for the long-range ramifications.

They know people, on average, will rant among themselves and then get on with their daily lives.

Don’t count us among them. We plan to speak out on matters of local, state and national interest and hold our representatives accountable.

What is bunkum? It’s “insincere speech-making by a politician merely to please local constituents.” See pandering.

We’re not going to let them get away with this without a fight. Join us on our journey. Get engaged. Care.

There’s a lot at at stake here. If you don’t pay attention, the joke will be on you.

Carbon County Insider

I plan on talking about anything that impacts the residents of Carbon County, PA. For the next several months it may be mostly election news and views, but you will get accurate quotes and honest reviews of things.

Hold on, its going to get bumpy around here until election time.

Valley Scanner


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K. Dougherty

Loreley's Musings

Many who know me would say I'm opinionated. And I enjoy writing, ergo, I begin my blog. Whether I continue with this remains to be seen. I admit, I have grown tired of reading blogs of friends and acquaintances and writing my own opinion (complete with citations, etc.) in the comment section. And, I will also say that some of the blogs with high readership amount to little more than trite insults hurled at those who disagree with the writers of said blogs. I hope to provide something different.