Saturday, May 12, 2007

Scranton ballot, another NEPA Blogger, and some sad news

Shadowspun over at Shadow's Reach has put in a lot of effort getting together a list of all the candidates who will be on the ballot for the Scranton district of Lackawanna County. If you reside in that fair city, go over and have a look!

And don't miss her previous list of links to sites with information that you may find helpful in making an informed choce at the voting booth:

Through a long and winding road that goes through a blog in Ann Arbor, Michigan, another NEPA Blogger has found her way to this site! Her blog is Life's A Dance You Learn As You Go, aka . Welcome aboard! I'll add you (and everybody else) to the sidebar as soon as I get to it and/or my computer allows me to!

Meanwhile, this sad news from an anonymous commentor:

Beale's Bites is definitely dead:,69502.0.html