Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Old Cat Lady Spooks

The Old Cat Lady from The Old Cat Lady Speaks has taken up the challenge of creating a blog focusing on NEPA monsters, myths, legends, and lore. Check it out at The Old Cat Lady's Stories! And be sure to submit any stories you may have!

The Old Cat Lady and several others have pointed out the book Weird Pennsylvania, by the people who brought you Weird N.J. and Weird U.S. I actually bought this book shortly after it came out, and was disappointed to see that it had skipped over things like The Secret of Olyphant in favor of reprinting large sections of Weird U.S. about abandoned asylums in the Philadelphia area. The book has a brief Afterword that is a challenge to readers: if you know of any stories that should have been included in the book but weren't, contact the authors and they'll see about including them in the next edition.

So this is our chance! John Peruka, I'm lookin' at you! The Secret of Olyphant, that weirdest of places in weird Pennsylvania, can be made known nationally! Submit what you've got to The Old Cat Lady's Stories, and maybe we can see it in the next edition of the book!

And if anyone has a good story of the Suscon Screamer, or the B'Gunk, or any of the other spooky stuff that goes on here in NEPA, be sure to submit that too!

For my part, I think I should make a note to be sure to photograph a certain branch of a certain tree over a certain grave in a certain cemetery this Fall. The grave is that of a girl who drowned in the Nanticoke high school's pool shortly after it was opened, and the leaves on the branch are always crimson, even though the rest of the leaves on the tree are gold...

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theoldcatlady said...

Well, as the nameless, faceless "they" say, "you learn something new every day". I've lived in NEPA most of my life, but have never heard of The Secret of Olyphant, nor the tree in Nanticoke. Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.