Sunday, August 20, 2006

Links added

I've added links to the two Dave Yonki blogs Gort mentioned in the previous post, as well as to the Dallas-based QAZSE poetry blog. I was able to run Firefox for a few minutes this morning and checked out the post-flood links that I had collected. Unfortunately, it looks like many of those bloggers have moved on, or were never really about NEPA in the first place.

I tried doing a search in Blogger for bloggers from the NEPA area. What I came up with were a few registered bloggers without blogs, and a whole bunch of blogs that petered out in 2004. Then I tried to use the Blogger search function to find blogs that mention places in NEPA, but it looks like Blogger has decided to make this a more expansive sort of search function: instead of just searching within blogs, it searches all websites for any mention of keywords. Thanks, but that's not what I'm trying to do.

So. Colleges will be back in session in a few weeks, probably bringing a small army of relocated bloggers to the area. I should really get around to posting those "Are you a Blogger?" ads.


QAZSE said...

thank you for the mention in your latest post, and the link to Qazse.

regarding searching blogs, have you tried

Anonymous said...

Try Diaryland and Livejournal too...

Anonymous said...

Please consider adding - most of my posts have something to do with NEPA.