Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blogs alive

I've been monitoring some blogs devoted to Wilkes-Barre politics. They were dormant for a while but have have come to life in the last few days. I've been reluctant to link to them at my place because they have been so sporadic. But they are NEPA blogs and deserve a listing. Content people. You can't post 3 days in a row, then take a month off and expect people to read you. Here's the list:

W-B Citizens On Line

Wilkes-Barre Political Scene

Wilkes-Barre Politics

Wilkes Barre Taxpayers (Dead site)

I'm focused on the election next Tuesday but these sites are looking forward to 2007. After the mid-terms I will start to weigh in on local issues and candidates. Not so much W-B as the county races. Welcome to the circus.


Walter said...

I would like to respond to the Blog on the "always slanted and Bias" Wilkes Barre Online by Marc Cour which is below.

In other business, council passed another ordinance on first reading prohibiting indoor furniture in from being used in exterior areas.

Wilkes-Barre resident Walter Griffith asked Mayor Tom Leighton and council why a dilapidated property at 464-466-468 Hazle St. was sold to Dr. Patrick Kerrigan for $1, instead of being put out for bid.

Leighton said Kerrigan paid about $40,000 to demolish it and helped the city get rid of a long-time eyesore. It was cost-prohibitive to renovate the building, he said.

“It actually came down to a no-brainer because the building was starting to collapse and it became a liability to taxpayers,” Leighton said.

Duh is right Marc....The Mayor of the City of Wilkes Barre and City Council have no right to pick and choose what property they choose to sell to the political friends for $1.00 while there are other properties in the City that are just as bad..Courtright St former Murray Complex, that should be sold to get these eyesores out of our neighborhoods. I said at the City Council meeting I was not against the demolition but I feel the Mayor has a personal agenda because he is in real estate that the City Taxpayers should not be funding..I feel the City Council should and must pass legislation to protect the taxpayers from this type of personal gain by the Mayor.

Walter said...

I see in the Paper today that the City Council of Wilkes Barre is still trying to run Master Chemical out of town.Councilperson Kathy Kane is at County Court with the residents fighting that the owner follow the laws concerning trucks blocking the roadway on Conwell St..Well ...where has Ms Kane been for the twelve years she has been in office? Seems Master Chemical has been doing this for 30 years or more...Why all of a sudden the concern Ms Kane...???how much support has the residents of this area vowed to put into your political campaign for County Commissioner or City Mayor? Seems there is a reason why the City COuncil would want to run a business out of town like Master Chemical, that generates almost $30,000 in payroll and real estate taxes...What say you about this scheme by Kathy Kane and Mike McGinly...and where is the Mayor to come and save this "tax Producing " Property...the Mayor is always there when its time to sell property for $1.00 or for a big Check presentation from the Governor...and where is the political Candidates on this issue...seems we have a selective agenda in the County and City

Walter said...

see in todays Paper that the City COuncil and Mayor are going to do another great Real Estate deal... I read in today's paper that the property on S Main St that is now Deli Devine is being considered by City Council for Tax Forgiveness for Mr Gildea....
I think this is unfair to the taxpayers of the City...Mr Gildea is now at least 50,000 delinquent in back taxes on the Property on 446 S River St that I asked the Mayor about and the Mayor is trying to get this property from Mr Gildea and forgive these taxes ...The Property on S Main St is owned by the same guy that owned the row of apartments on the property on N River St that the City has demolished at the taxpayers expense and placed a lien on the property for the cost of the demolition...I think that if the City Administration is going to get in the habit of just transferring debt to property owners that do not pay their taxes, then there will be no leverage for the taxpayers or City Administration to collect any of the debit...I also find it very unusual that the property on Blackman St is being acquired for $1.00...Seems the Mayor of Wilkes Barre is conducting his real estate business at City Hall now and using the City Government for leverage with the help of City Council...
Elect Walter Griffith Jr for City Council in 2007

D.B. Echo said...

Walter, thank you for your interest in NEPA Blogs. Please note that the purpose of this site is to be "A clearinghouse providing links to blogs and other sites about Northeastern Pennsylvania or by people from Northeastern Pennsylvania." We are not here to provide content, but to point to sites that have content.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for noting my site the next time you update the template.
peace - t.g.