Monday, February 19, 2007

Another new political blogger

NEPA's Real Deal

Welcome To NEPA's Real Deal! We have a team of political experts and muckrakers working round the clock to bring you the most up-to-date rumors and innuendo going on in the NEPA political scene.

I hope this one lasts. I'm feeling jinxed because everytime I listed a site lately the author stops posting.

Help us out folks. Me and DB are going through the sidebar to identify "live blogs" that we will highlight again and will delete the "dead blogs" that haven't updated in a while.


Little Red said...

Glad to share some thoughts again as the snow is finally allowing time for the sun to shine on the backrooms of NEPA's political scene.

Thanks for reading and spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

Go to link above....

Scroll halfway through pictures to see our Lackawanna County Tax Dollars working Hard

Warning.. Maybe distasteful to some

Dave Smith said...

I am a blogger based in NEPA - not many local topics, mainly technology-focused.

Surveying, Mapping and GIS