Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two non-political sites

Via a comment and an e-mail here are two more local sites, neither of which explicitly deals with politics!

Surveying, Mapping and GIS
A site by David G. Smith of Scranton. "This site has been developed to discuss a wide variety of topics revolving around acquisition, maintenance and development of surveying, mapping, and GIS data and applications." Don't be intimidated. Check it out! He's got some really cool stuff there!

GoPoKo - "Changing the way you view NEPA"
From the webmaster: "GoPoKo is a small company that promotes local bars and entertainment in Northeastern Pennsylvania." Lots of links for local entertainment. Things to do when you're not reading NEPA Blogs!


Anonymous said...

I think Beale's Bites has bought the farm. It hasn't been updated in nearly a month.

bmaty said...

Not sure how to add to this BLOG but check out.

another site all about Scranton/NEPA


Anonymous said...

Beale's Bites and Pardon My Zinger have bought the farm. No updates in OVER a month and a half.