Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another blog for "The Office" - and The Office Convention this weekend!

Office Tally is described as "THE go-to site for The Office" by one of NEPA's foremost bloggers (soon making her triumphant return to the blogosphere!) And one of its latest posts (as of this writing) is all about The Office Convention, coming up this weekend (October 26-28) in lovely downtown Scranton! While the weather may be typical Scranton Weather - cold, gray, and rainy - the Flaming Foliage is currently at or near peak, so that should be a special treat for visiting Office fans. And they'll get to see quite a bit of it if they decide to slip out to Chili's for lunch. (The closest Chili's is just outside of the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre Township, some 20 miles from downtown Scranton!)

For more details, see the official website. Also see NEPA Blogger John Webster's blog (he's half of the Daniels & Webster morning team from Rock 107, itself a frequent reference on the show), particularly this entry. Longtime NEPA Blog Life In The Office also has an article on the convention. I hope this is a very positive experience for all involved!

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