Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 new sites

Stop the Supply Sider Insanity


Livermore, CA, United States

One of out of many people forced to leave Northeastern PA due to the nature of local officials incapable or unwilling to make the area a viable economic center once again

The Duped Scholar

or How I Stopped Attending Classes and Began the Great Job Search.

This blog highlights my freelance work in print publications as well as my published and unpublished creative work. Below you can find links to my other blogs as well as websites of interest and websites of friends.

Tax and Small Business Forum

This forum serves as a place for people to get information on business and taxes. Readers can find articles written on various business topics and can ask questions if they need business or tax advice

That's How I See It

A young progressive's take on the issues, politics, and other musings.

Local Values

"Local Values" is a blog that focuses primarily on Pennsylvania politics and public policy. The blog will evaluate and comment on topical events using the principles of: federalism, fiscal conservatism, judicial restraint, and the protection of individual liberties and freedoms.

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NEPAExpat said...

Hi D.B. et al,

Thanks for the plug.

If you click over, I put up a new post early Monday morning BEFORE the carnage hit (post was 12:20am). Washington Mutual (one of my dead banks walking) was down 34% today just mere hours after my post. Knowing what happened in the underbelly of the mortgage market (wife was an underwriter for CFC), we have a long way to go.