Sunday, September 28, 2008

More politics

We have a new NEPA political blogger and he has been typing up a storm over the past month.

He signs himself McGruff and I get the idea that Paul Kanjorski doesn't return his phone calls.

Sights on Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is such a great state that I decided to start a blog where issues within its borders can be posted and discussed. I am not a native since I was born in Wilmington, DE. but the rich history of both states is part of my curiosity over the Constitution, the law, and politics. I am a firm believer in the foundation for our Constitution. Readings and writings of our forefathers describe a rich heritage of intuitive insight into the complex discussions that laid the groundwork for this great nation we call the United States of America. I truly believe that the transformation we see today in government was not what George, Thomas, and others envisioned but I am happy that their design has endured the tests put to it over the years. I am somewhat conservative in belief although there are liberal undertones that surface every once in a while. I have learned in my fifty plus years that there are conservative and progressive(hint liberal) issues that face each family on a daily basis. If we get caught up in labels as strictly liberal or conservative I believe we close our eyes to life's pure experiences.

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