Sunday, October 11, 2009

NEPA Bride

From the Inbox:
NEPA Bride

I’m a 25 year bride located in Northeast Pennsylvania, planning an October 2010 wedding. I love reading about unique and fun weddings and I’m hoping to create a day that truly reflects myself and my guy. We want to break out of the traditional, stuffy kind of weddings that seem to be the norm here. We want to DIY what we can and create a fun and festive party to celebrate our love with all our friends I want to document this process for a few reasons. First, to have and keep for myself, my friends and my family. Second, to share my experiences in the hopes it helps other NEPA brides. Our area of the country often seems to be behind the times with the latest trends and styles, so I hope any gems I find benefit you! Finally, to really start to get a sense on what makes a marriage. There’s a lot of ‘wedding stuff’ out there, and goodness knows I’ll be talking about it. But I also want to reflect on the larger issues of marriage as I head into this new chapter of my life.

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Whoo hoo! Thank you for adding me. :-)