Monday, November 16, 2009

Uncornered Market: From Scranton to the rest of the world

The latest from the mailbag:

Hi D.B.,

Would be grateful if would add Uncornered Market to the blogroll/mentions on NEPAblogs:

I grew up in Scranton before going to school at Cornell, moving to DC, San Francisco and Prague. My wife and I have been traveling the world and living out of backpacks for almost 3 years. We were profiled in the Scranton Times lifestyles section back in early 2008. Would give you a link, but the Times is apparently not keen on keeping online archives more than 18 months these days.

My ode to Scranton based on our last visit there:

You can find us on Twitter: @umarket

Cheers and thanks,

Daniel Noll
measuring the Earth with our feet...

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