Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Scranton Christmas Windows, 1938 - 1960

Full provenance: Michelle sent an e-mail flagging this post by John Webster pointing to the blog Scranton Christmas Windows 1938 - 1960.

In 2009 Gene Giancini was cleaning out a building on Scranton’s West Side. His family had operated a business in the building for 30 years, and he was in the process of selling it. He found, stacked in the corner, old photos of Christmas window displays from Household Outfitting Company, 306-314 Lackawanna Ave. Mr. Giancini generously donated the photos to the Scranton Public Library. We will be presenting them through this web site.

Vince Sweeney recently posted about how he regrets not having ay old photos of The Globe, and how great it was at Christmastime. Maybe this will help make up for that!

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