Sunday, November 17, 2013

Agent Palmer

Secret identities are hard to maintain on the Internet. We leave so many footprints and fingerprints online, it usually doesn't take much effort to find out the real name behind the nom de blog. Still, here's one where the blogger is trying to maintain a secret identity - successfully, so far.

Agent Palmer

"Of All Things Geek I Am..."

A fun and informative blog letting you indulge your inner geek as Agent Palmer indulges his. Films, animation, comedy, comic books, technology - Agent Palmer covers it all, and then some.

From the "About" page:

I don’t shy away from the term “geek.” I never have. I take it as a compliment. The same goes for “nerd” “dork” “dweeb” and “freak”. I wear them all as badges of honor. 

 This blog is an amalgamation of all the things that make me a geek and my opinions of them.

.I play Magic the Gathering as well as other CCGs and, if time and circumstances would allow, I’d play D & D. I enjoy reading books and comics. All classic geek things to do. But I don’t just fit into one mold. I enjoy playing my guitar and bass. I enjoy sports (both fantasy and real). I play video games, although my favorites are classics that I grew up with: Duke Nukem, Warcraft II, Civilization; and The Tales series, Zelda, Dragon Quest and Skies of Arcadia.

Technology is a hobby as much as an interest. I enjoy coding websites. But most of all I enjoy knowledge, the search, research and understanding of topics both big and small, topical and historic.'s some secret insider information on Agent Palmer, passed on from him during an exchange of messages some time ago:

I took my name from my hero Agent Harry Palmer, Michael Caine's character in a series of spy films starting with the IPCRESS File. And I am currently in the middle of a Rotospective to Ralph Bakshi thusly named because of the rotoscoping technique he used. I'm doing in depth reviews/commentary on all of his films.

Secret information ends.

Agent Palmer has an online presence that goes beyond this blog. Check out his About page for a list of links, or find out more by contacting him through his Contact page. Or just visit Agent Palmer and see what you can learn!

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