Sunday, May 04, 2014

Pedaling to Peace and Prosperity

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Pedaling to Peace and Prosperity

Laurie lives in Tioga County, near the Pine Creek Rail Trail. An avid bicyclist, she enjoyed her time on the trail greatly - until events off the trail robbed of her ability to enjoy her time on the trail.

She's decided to take it back, to reclaim the trail, to embark on a healing journey - by bicycle.

From the "About" section:

We all have the ability to heal within us. We all have the tools for healing around us. The question, always, is whether we have decided it is easier to remain broken.

So pedal with me to peace and personal prosperity. I have no idea of where this ride will end, but I am up for the journey . . . wherever it may lead.

Ride along with Laurie on Pedaling to Peace and Prosperity!

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