Sunday, September 06, 2015

Ripped from the headlines: The Oxford Guide

A blog found through a newspaper article.

In Focus: Young blogger finding the beauty in ‘this little town’

The Oxford Guide

An excerpt of her blog, quoted in the article:

“I live in a culturally enriched town with several universities, tons of delicious restaurants and bakeries along with unique shops and boutiques and a pretty eventful social calendar. This isn’t a Miranda Lambert song, we have more than one stop light and not everyone is married by 22. But it is a small town and, if you end up in the police blotter, people will know. For some reason, my little town I was born and raised in and eventually returned to is the bane of existence for most. It makes people unhappy, they ‘can’t wait to get out.’ I assure you it isn’t the town that’s terrible.”

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