Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More sites about Northeastern Pennsylvania

I decided to hunt for more NEPA Bloggers tonight, but came up empty. But I did manage to find these sites:

Folklore Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania
I think I've hung out with these people twice, thanks to a friend who was in the organization. From their website:

Who we are: We are an organization promoting traditional music, dance, and storytelling in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

About the music: Monthly "singing circles" have been on-going since 1982, and often start with a pot-luck dinner. They are informal gatherings, usually held the first Friday of each month at a member's home. We begin with a few sing-alongs, then we take turns around the circle, offering something we have prepared, requesting a song or story, or just come to listen and enjoy homemade entertainment. We use a "democratic" format (taking turns), which encourages people of all levels of accomplishment to participate.

NEPA Defunct Park List
Northeastern Pennsylvania was once home to many amusement parks. Check them out!

Northeastern Pennsylvania Photo Collection
From their website:
This is a collection of photos, many of which have been sent to us by our visitors, of the past of Northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make this the largest collection of photos showing life as it was for our ancestors.

Northeastern Pennsylvania
This is a link-rich site created and maintained by a local Geography teacher, Mr. Brad Bowerman. It's just a small part of his much, much larger site called "Geography World." Check it out!


Bob D'Alessandri,MD said...
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Bob D'Alessandri,MD said...

I am the Dean of the new medical school that will serve all of NEPA. I would invite you to link to my blog and follow our progress as we build this new community based endeavor. We are interested in hearing from the community about their ideas, needs and how we can serve the region.

Anonymous said...

Would you please consider linking this BLOG?