Monday, January 07, 2008

More political blogs

It's election season and as Mark observed a few local political blogs have emerged destined to disappear after the voting in April just like the last couple of elections. I hope a few stick around as I think we need a more diverse local internet debate.

A few people have decided they have something to say:

Ignorance is Bliss is written by Right Winger and Vince Sweeney is annoying him.

Eddy, The Angry Republican is, well, angry.

West Side Republican is hoping that the Luzerne County Republican Party gets it's act together.

Political Rants by Zen says "I am a man that should've started ranting long ago."

LanceStange is another blog with a Republican point of view.

Big Dan's Big Blog links to many news stories and likes the Ramones but is not a fan of Mona Charen.

Dan Meuser Is A Character- A self describe parody site. "Somewhat of a political commentary blog. My way to poke fun at local politicians using badly done photoshop."

Bringing the Majority to Luzerne County

If you need a break from politics there is:

Daily Dose o' Donna Sometimes silly. Sometimes sarcastic. Sometimes sentimental.

Update: Another new political blog is Politics in Northeast Pennsylvania


Big Dan said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning me! Yep! NEPA born & bred! Big Dan's Big Blog! Born & raised in NEPA!

Big Dan said...

And I will DIE here!!! Hopefully not for a few more decades, though...

Big Dan said...

I read your bio, and you like baseball. So do I, I'm a huge Red Sox fan, since 4 years old. I suffered through the '75, '78 (Bucky Dent), '86 seasons, but finally we did it!

I'll have to catch up on reading your blogs. Thanks again for mentioning me! Agree or disagree, fellow NEPA'er!

D. T. said...

Thank you SO much for linking to my blog. I found out about you through my Google Analytics account and saw there was some traffic sent my way from you. I will add you to my blog as well. Great concept and thanks for thinking of me!