Monday, February 18, 2008

Sacred Heart


Our Mission

To preserve, maintain and protect the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA and its contents, and other religious sites and artifacts of Slovak heritage. Initially, the corporation will fund a major capital improvement project for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

I'm not catholic but this one hits home. I grew up on Madison Street right behind the church and many of my friends attended the grade school. We used to play baseball in the parking lot and later go bowling in the basement of the school. It was quite a scene watching people going into Saturday Mass dressed in bowling shirts. It's a beautiful building but there are fewer parishioners as the years go by to support the church and the building need some major repairs that the Diocese of Scranton is not willing to support. I wonder if any of the recent Hispanic residents of the North End of W-B are attending Mass at Sacred Heart or if it's identity as a bastion of Slovak heritage might discourage them.

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Anonymous said...

I belong to the church and i am so upset at them doing this. Mgsr. sempa must be upset also. Now it has only been 2 years since Sacred Heart School closed (which i also attended) I really wish they would keep this open due to all the clusters we now have forming. St. Stanislaus's church which is soooooo much smaller than Sacred Heart's was but i still will always love that church know matter what.