Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Two more sites about NEPA

By way of an e-mail sent to me:

From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate
From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate is a tongue-in-cheek look at current events in Scranton Pennsylvania. The site is updated daily, so check back often. If you have a question, comment or complaint, are interested in writing for From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate, or would like to share your pictures of the Electric City, please send an email to

By way of a comment on Gort's site, here is a bulletin board dedicated on:

NEPA Exposed
We have had it! The local politicians and people in authority in our area think they're above the law. They think they can shit in our face over and over again and we will just take it time and again. Let's give it right back to these immoral, ruthless aasholes and their cronies. We figured if we created an unlisted, private website where people could login under an alias, without fear of retribution, we could dig up some real dirt on these pigs. They will soon find out there is nobody they can trust.

(Errr, not so sure about that "unlisted" part anymore...)

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know where else to say this - the photographs above are excellent.