Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brand Spankin' New

As DB & Gort are probably already aware, I spend the majority of my time online on a social networking website called Twitter these days. DB has recently blogged about the possibility of whether or not Facebook and Twitter are killing blogging. I don't agree. It's true that I don't blog as much as I used to now that those websites are around, but I don't have as much time as I had in the past to write out a full blog entry (being mother of 2 who works close to 50 hours a week). Twitter is a quick 140 character way to let everyone I'm still alive. I've grown a bit attached to the #NEPA Twitter community and you'd be surprised to know that a great deal of them have blogs, and here's an even bigger shock.....BLOGS THAT THEY ACTUALLY UPDATE! The long running inside joke about being listed on NEPA Blogs is that once your blog is posted to the directory, blog dies out. I hope that is not the case with our new fresh meat. Enjoy enjoy!


Random Thoughts by Neil Bytes (via Twitter @NeilBytes)
"A blog about almost everything and almost anything."

Miss Mandy's Stream of...well, something. (via Twitter @mlb217)
Updated 1/8/10 by Harold:
"Cashing in spare change is one of her favorite simple pleasures; she enjoys reading, and hopes one day to figure out exactly what she wants to do. "

A Dork Among Geeks (via Twitter @gmFunkd)
Surprise! This is my cousin Keilly! We have a ton of similar Geeky interests - such as Apple Products, Politics and Hockey. Be sure to check her out!

Jason Percival: Technology Enthusiast (via Twitter @jasonpercival)
A technology driven blog, but coming straight out of Nanny-Coke!

The Morning Meeting (via Twitter @FSEnterprises)
"A Collection of Rants, Raves, and Everything In Between"

Sheli's Blog (via Twitter @shelitwits)
"Everything you want/need to know about the Technical Services department at the Albright Memorial Library!"

Manassy Watch (via Twitter @e_man)
A HUGE Jets fan from NEPA who enjoys family, WWII, social networking and..did I mention the Jets?

------Formerly of NEPA------

The Pursuit of a Life With No Regrets (via Twitter @nashvegasaudrey)

UPDATED 12/2/2009 by Harold:
Single Mom Road Trip
The blog of Audrey Korshoff, formerly of NEPA

I'd rather be elswhere, most likely (via Twitter @meredithelaine)
"Because not all 30-somethings have their shit together." (Meredith used to attend the U of S and is now living in California.)

As always, If you'd like to see your Blog's name up in the shiny lights of NEPA Blogs, please leave a message in the comments, or send DB, Gort or I an email and we'll be more than happy to add you!

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tazio said...

Hi Michelle,

Just found this site through Another Monkey. My blog is here: and is an autobiographicalbeerologicaltravelogue or something like that.