Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mark Mysterrio, Pennsylvania Birthday Magician

I attended a magic show held to to benefit Toys for Tots this weekend, and among the many local magicians I saw perform was Mark Mysterrio. Mark is a magician who also seems to be part Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy's seventh Doctor, to be precise) and part Rip Taylor (the part that flings confetti and sparkles and marshmallows, if Rip Taylor ever flung marshmallows.) His performance delighted the children and adults there alike, and it was only in the aftermath of the event that I learned he had a blog.

Mark Mysterrio's Pennsylvania Birthday

His site may look like a standard website with a static front page, but it is in fact a blog built using the Wordpress platform. I'm hoping I can find a way to access the RSS feed to provide updates on our sidebar. (UPDATE: Mark sent us the feed information - - so now we have an updating feed on the sidebar!) In any event, be sure to check out his page - and check out his sidebar for his latest updates!

P.S.: Mark Mysterrio is also on the "Greatest Around the Poconos" Ballot on the "People" page in category #9, "Local Entertainer," just two categories below NEPA Blogs! So while you're voting for NEPA Blogs, and bloggers and blog friends like Andy Palumbo (#19, TV Reporter) and Rocky and Sue (#11, Morning Radio Team), why not cast a vote for NEPA magician and blogger Mark Mysterrio, too!

Are you a magician or other entertainer who has a blog? Don't keep it under your hat - let us know about it at


Mark Mysterrio said...

Thank You For this wonderful post.

Francis Armstrong said...

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Shaine Evanz said...

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