Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Soul, My Surrender

I'll be honest with you: I don't "get" Tumblr. From what little research I've done, the basic idea - embraced my many users - is that the Tumblr platform is well-suited to a format that just tumbles along, occasionally stopping to say "oh, look at this!" and then quickly moving on. Past posts are forgotten almost as soon as they appear, and new posts - usually still images or looping motion .gifs - are reblogged from sources that the user is following. It almost resembles a photo blog, sort of, kind of, not really. And some Tumblr users do use it as a photo blog. Heck, former Secretary of Labor (and sometime Conan O'Brien crimefighting partner) Robert Reich has a Tumblr blog that looks...well, pretty much like a conventional blog.

My Soul, My Surrender is the title (or current title) of the Tumblr blog located at This is another of Michelle's finds, by a NEPA blogger who is following the NEPA Blogs Twitter feed. From...well, the little block that I'm assuming is a Tumblr "About" thingie:

hello! i'm samantha, a 24 year old from pennsylvania who is obsessive, sarcastic and a total asshole. it takes a lot to offend me and i usually find humor in every situation. i also like a lot of things, especially supernatural. that's about it.

(It appears that "supernatural" refers to the surprisingly long-running TV series "Supernatural," now in its seventh season.)

If Tumblr is your thing, or if you're familiar with its layout and structure, this may be a great place for you to visit. If you are unfamiliar with Tumblr at all, this will be a great opportunity to see what Tumblr is about. Either way, check it out!

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