Monday, July 29, 2013


Dale Culp from "Dale Rides His Bike" started a new blog recently called "bikeNEPA".  As I'm sure you could figure out by the title, the blog is all about biking in Northeast PA.  He's trying to draw more attention to the sport and mode of transportation and wanted us to give it a mention.

From the About:

Biking is for everyone. Biking isn’t just for the rich; it’s not just for the poor, either. It’s not a middle-class thing, it’s not a “white” thing, and you definitely don’t need to be wearing spandex shorts just to do it. Biking is for everyone. It’s a sport, it’s a mode of transportation — it’s a lifestyle.
 Our mission is to make bicycling safer for everyone — safer for cyclists, pedestrians and, yes, car/truck/bus drivers as well. Biking is for everyone, really.
 This is a community site dedicated to biking in NEPA. Whether you do it in the streets or prefer the trails of North-East Pennsylvania, we have you covered.

Biking in NEPA is great, but it carries its share of risks, as well. We always encourage the use of proper safety equipment and strict adherence to the rules of the road and local laws for your municipality. Likewise, we encourage all cyclists in NEPA to contact local lawmakers when it comes to getting better infrastructure — such as segregated bike paths, better lane indicators and increased awareness of cycling in NEPA. Get involved! There are a LOT of us out there, we can make the streets better for everyone!

We’re here to inform and educate, but we’re here to have fun, too. This site will have plenty of information on upcoming cycling events in NEPA. Group rides, charity rides and other events that involve cycling. Just visit the Events page for more information.

Looking for a local bike shop? We have a page dedicated to locating a shop near you. Go local! Support small businesses who need your help and can provide MUCH better service than a big box chain department store. When it comes to things like proper fit, quality parts and service, don’t trust the “*mart” stores to worry too much about your safety. Count on a local mechanic to fix your ride up the right way. Visit the Bike Shops page for more information.

bikeNEPA is here for everyone, and we mean it when we say “everyone” because biking is for everyone.
 Ride on.

Spread the word about bikeNEPA community blog and don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook too!

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Dale Culp said...

Thank you so much for the link! Hopefully a lot more people see it and get involved. :D