Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Blog

NEPA Blogs will be presenting a "Blog of the Week" on WBRE's PA Live! every Tuesday. PA Live! airs weekday afternoons on WBRE from 4:00 to 5:00.

Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Blog (http://indralokaanimalsanctuary.wordpress.com/).

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is based on a thirty acre farm in Mehoopany and is home to more than one hundred and fifty animals who would otherwise be euthanized or slaughtered. Since February 2011 the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Blog has told the stories of those animals: heartbreaking stories, inspiring stories, stories that will fill you with joy, stories that will bring you to tears. Many of the stories are accompanied by achingly beautiful pictures of the animals who call Indraloka home, pictures just as moving and powerful as the stories they illustrate.

Indraloka has a web presence beyond its blog, including a more traditional website  and a Facebook page. But I believe the blog format serves an incredibly valuable function, by providing a space where the stories of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and its inhabitants can be told in the way they deserve to be, with long, lyrical passages and plenty of images. Check out the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Blog, and prepare to be deeply moved..

If you have a blog you would like us to link on NEPA Blogs, or know of a blog you think we should link, please let us know! You can always drop us a line at nepablogs@gmail.com!


Indraloka Animal Sanctuary said...

Thank you for your kind review, and for featuring our blog. It means a lot to us and to the animals.

Anonymous said...

With tears in my eyes I red these wonderful, well written blogs. I would love to see a book on the shelves of book stores
containing the stories and pictures. It would be a bestseller!

Unknown said...

Very emotional.