Tuesday, August 13, 2013

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Food Photos and Library Crime

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Watch this episode on the PA Live! sitehttp://www.pahomepage.com/story/blog-of-the-week-food-photos-and-library-crime-august-13th-2013/d/story/CeAPAOSxPUefvUbUIV_NRQ

Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is Food Photos and Library Crimes by Brian Fulton (http://foodphotosandlibcrime.tumblr.com/.)

Some blogs are given such clever titles that it's impossible to know the content until you've read half a dozen or more entries - and even then you might be wondering what the title has to do with the blog. Not Food Photos and Library Crimes  Scranton-based blogger Brian Fulton (who has been featured before on the Blog of the Week with his Pages from the Past blog, reproducing historical entries from the Scranton Times) has a Tumblr blog that is literally full of food photos and stories of crimes that took place in or involved libraries. As if that isn't enough, Brian also sprinkles in posts about anything else he feels like - hey, it's his blog, his rules.

Check out Food Photos and Library Crimes and you'll be amazed and sometimes disgusted by the wide range of culinary delights featured there. You'll also be amazed and sometimes frightened by the range of activities that can take place in a library. But mostly, you'll find a great blog that's lots of fun to read!

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