Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Bloggers of NEPA BlogCon 2013

This year would be different from last year, I decided. Last year, at the inaugural NEPA BlogCon, I decided to take a back seat, to try to blend in as anonymously as I could. It wasn't my show, it wasn't a NEPA Blogs event. Michelle Hryvnak Davies, co-administrator of NEPA Blogs, was part of the Fearsome Foursome, the quartet of women who planned and executed the NEPA BlogCon, but she did it separately from and independent of NEPA Blogs. I didn't want to show up and give anyone the impression that I had done anything to make this event happen, so I lurked in the shadows and hid in corners, taking in the presentations and observing the other bloggers - until one of the presenters pointed me out during her presentation. After that I tried to muster the social skills to interact with the other bloggers, maybe pass out a few blog cards and collect a few. By the afterparty I had gotten into the swing of things, and was doing my best to work the room without being too obnoxious.

This year I took a stack of NEPA Blogs cards, and a stack of Another Monkey cards, and even a stack of Northeastern Pennsylvania Writers' Collective cards. I made sure "NEPA Blogs" was emblazoned on my name tag. I tried to socialize more, and hand out the cards wherever possible. But afterwards I was kicking myself for the things I hadn't done. I hadn't made sure that the NEPA Blogs cards were included in the swag bags - several other bloggers didn't miss that opportunity. I managed to miss the afterparty announcement, so I missed out on the chance to socialize there. And I went home with too many NEPA Blogs cards in my pocket, and too few other bloggers' cards.

But I did collect a few. I also grabbed a few names of blogs and bloggers here and there. I mostly hung out with people I already knew, but I did make an effort to meet some new bloggers. I'll start off with their blogs here, and add more as I collect them. If anyone wants to speed things along, please send your information to us here at!

Let's start with one by a member of the Fearsome Foursome, Leslie Stewart - until recently also known as Darling Stewie. But in the past few weeks she has put aside the Darling Stewie moniker, and started up a new blog:

Leslie I.R.L.
A blog about living the geeky life with purpose

I met Linda in my networking group, facilitated by the redoubtable Conor O'Brien - proprietor of The Vintage, gracious host and zookeeper for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Writers' Collective, and member of the improv group Unorganized Business, in which capacity he and others from his group were present at the BlogCon. Linda is someone who took a nontraditional path to college graduation, and blogs about here nontraditional approach to life:
Linda the Late Graduate
Instagram: @lynnpoe

While I'm talking about Conor, I may as well list his blog too:

Conor A. O'Brien

Jackie Siperko and Judy Zavislak were also in my networking group. Both of their blogs are pretty self-explanatory:

Jackie Siperko
Virtual Assistant and Web Services

Judy Zavislak
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

Heidi Marie was in the group, too. I recognized her earlier, after I spotted a sign for her business, Oldfangled Studio, which operates out of The Vintage, which is owned and operated by Conor, which hosts the Northeastern Pennsylvania Business world is starting to wrap itself up in knots, in a good way:

Heidi Marie
Oldfangled Studio
Vintage - Cats - Art

April I met at lunch. Her blog is PG-13 or a bit more, and is probably NSFW, depending on how your workplace feels about erotic images. The focus here is on reviews of erotic and young adult literature:

Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews

I don't think I spoke to Elizabeth, the blogger behind Radiant Abandon, but I did see her a few times throughout the day and she did, in fact, appear to be radiant:

Radiant Abandon

Adrienne, on the other hand, I recognized from the NEPA Blogs Facebook group - and when I saw the name of her blog, I realized we had spoken extensively at last year's afterparty:

Skinny Jeans and Sippy Cups

That's just a few of the bloggers I met there, and not even all the ones whose blogs I hadn't heard of before - I still have a few more on a list elsewhere. But I know I missed dozens of people who aren't listed on NEPA Blogs yet. We'll keep looking for you - but if you read this first, contact us at and let us know! You can also join the NEPA Bloggers Facebook group at

Updates, October 12, 2013

Two that I forgot to add:

Writings from Omeed Firouzi
(Winner, Best Political Blog of 2013, NEPA BlogCon)

atheism blog by Erik Dickerson


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Elizabeth said...

Hi there Harold! This is Elizabeth of Radiant Abandon! I just found this post by checking my stats and seeing I had someone link to my blog from here. Thank you SO much for the shout-out! My blog is very new, so any attention is greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks again!