Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mailbag Round-up

It's no secret I've been neglecting my duties on this blog for quite a while.  With more responsibilities in my work and personal life comes less free time.  I'm hoping to turn it around with better time management.  Harold and I have talked about devising an editorial calendar so that the blog is not neglected for long periods of time.  Please accept our apologies for lack of posts!

We've received a ton of email with new blog additions and I figured it would just be easiest to lump them into one post to play catch up.

Email #1:

Hello. Was wondering how to get my blog registered on your awesome site?
Thanks much
Instagram @lynnapoe
Twitter @lynnapo

Email #2:  


Here's a blog by my "neighbors", Cathy & Barry Beck- accomplished photographers and fly fishing guides both here and around the world.

Nicole (of Springhouse Shop & Studio)

Email #3:  


I am from Scranton (I am actually the editor of the Abington Suburban newspaper) and, at the urging of just about everyone I know, I started a lifestyle blog yesterday about the health issue I went through. I wanted to list it on NEPA Blogs and I really want to make a go of this. The address is:

-Stephanie Longo

Email #4:  

On Layton: The View From My Front Porch

Author: Jo Ann Jones Walczak, writer and editor, retired English teacher, Abington Heights School District

Email #5:

Former WBRE and WNEP producer, Lycoming County native, now a military wife and mom in Georgia.

This is a good variety of blogs - 2 from the Abingtons, one formerly of NEPA, a photography and lifestyle blog.  If you know of a blog that we aren't already linking to leave us a comment or shoot us an email -

Until next time!


Mike Straub said...

I would love to add my blog to his great site as well!!!


Michelle Hryvnak Davies said...

HI Mike! It looks like we added you at some point last year!

Take care,