Thursday, March 06, 2014

From the Mailbag: My Invisible Camera

We received this email a few months ago and I accidentally misplaced it! My apologies to Tanya for the delay in writing about her blog. 

My name is Tanya King and my blog is I joined the NEPAblogs Facebook group a few weeks ago and have been very happy with the sense of community. I only just looked at the website and was wondering if I could have my blog linked here as well? Thank you very much for all your efforts. It's really nice to see a healthy community of bloggers growing strong in NEPA.

Thanks again,

From Tanya's words:  "My invisible camera is a personal evolution of how I capture moments. When I first began this blog I was a photographer first and foremost. After being diagnosed with lupus I began to explore different ways to ‘save’ moments. I equate this blog to being ‘my invisible camera’–a way for me to take a snapshot of something amazing/brilliant/dear to me, whether with photographs or words, preserve it in all its glory, and share it here."  Tanya really does have some beautiful photos of her family on the blog and her Instagram. You can read more on her about page, or follow her on Twitter.

You too can join our NEPA Bloggers group on Facebook to network with others from the local blogosphere.

Speaking of you have cabin fever? Restless for Friday?

Why not head out to the Vintage Happy Hour happening tonight from 5-8pm at Trax Platform Lounge?  For more details and to RSVP, check out the Facebook event page.

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