Sunday, March 16, 2014

World of Lizzie Tish

At a blogging event a few months ago, a local political gadfly and avowed non-blogger approached me and said "Wow, non-political bloggers are really flexing their muscles lately."

I have no idea what he meant then, and I still don't. Some folks tend to think of blogging as strictly a political activity, and dismiss any non-political blogs as ephemeral and irrelevant. The truth is nearly exactly the opposite: The vast majority of blogs are not focused primarily on politics, and most political blogs exist only during the months leading up to an election, and vanish soon afterwards. (The rare exceptions of long-running political blogs that operate year-round are often informative and interesting, and occasionally obsessive and extremely disturbing.)

World of Lizzie Tish is a non-political blog. Its writer has a rich and complex background, but ultimately she has one goal in writing this blog:

I started this blog as a means to vent my ever growing list of ailments and illnesses, due to my inherited Auto Immune genes. I just needed an outlet to lift the weight off my shoulders, that fear of the unknown that haunts me from day to day.

She reiterates this in the blog header:

Random collection of thoughts, rants about my Auto Immune related issues, and living life on life's term as a recovering addict/alcoholic

Blogs come in all types. There are political blogs, photo blogs, sports blogs, personal blogs - or, in this case, very personal blogs.  Check out World of Lizzie Tish to see just how personal a blog can get.

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