Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About the header image: April 23, 2014

Across from the Route 6 entrance to the Viewmont Mall in Scranton is the Fashion Mall, a small-ish strip mall holding a surprisingly large number of stores. Once upon a time the most remarkable things about this mall was the waterfall that flowed down from the mountainside into which the mall is built just behind some of the stores and was easily visible from the parking lot. In the quarter-century since then, though, things have changed. The mall appears to have expanded, the cut-out into which it is built seems larger, and the falls seem to have been rerouted and rotated ninety degrees. They are no longer visible face-on from the Fashion Mall parking lot, but can be seen from the entrance to the Viewmont Mall. The best place to see the falls - aside from actually climbing them, which two guys did as I was trying to take this photo - is from a grassy area on the side of Route 6 in front of the Firestone at the Viewmont Mall. This past Saturday I set out to photograph a few things while I was spending time in the Scranton area, including the falls. I parked my car behind Firestone and climbed the hill - there is a short, steep way, or a long, shallow path - and set myself up by a small tree. I attracted more than a few odd looks from passengers in passing cars, most of whom probably didn't even realize the falls are there.

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