Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Does the Poet Choose to be a Boat?

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is Does the Poet Choose to be a Boat? (http://isthepoetaboat.ghost.io/).

Laurel Radzieski of Scranton has long been working her craft as a poet, presenting her works throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. In recent years she has formalized her poetic endeavors by entering into the Master of Fine Arts in Writing program at Goddard College, where, according to the biographical tag on each of her posts, "(h)er current work examines how relationships within communities shape communication efforts and responses." In her blog Does the Poet Choose to be a Boat? she has been presenting musings on the world from the point of view of a poet since January 2014.

While her posts cover a broad array of topics, both the point of view and the style of presentation of Does the Poet Choose to be a Boat? can be daunting and difficult to decipher. Like so much of poetry, understanding of each post depends on the individual reader, and comes from repeated readings and reflection upon how the post relates to the reader. This is by no means an easy read. But it is, ultimately, very worthwhile. Those who invest their time in reading Does the Poet Choose to be a Boat? and deciphering the meaning of the posts will find their efforts richly rewarded.

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