Sunday, September 14, 2014

And What I Ate

From the NEPA Blogs mailbag:

Hi - I came across your blog and wanted to send you the link to my own!  Thanks for some of your reccos, I've added a couple new favorites to my reading rotation.

My blog is - it's mainly recipes, but also some personal posts and travel. I've gotten really into cooking over the last few years and this has been a pretty fun project. Plus, I get to track the Google Analytics and see where everyone is coming from (over 150 countries and all 7 continents!) which totally appeals to my inner nerd.

Let me know if you have questions - keep up the good work!

And What I Ate ( is a food blog by self-described "foodie, yoga enthusiast, reader, writer, runner & music lover with just a little wanderlust" Westyn Lane, who describes the blog as "mainly (happily, but accidentally) gluten-free, and has an emphasis on healthy & local/organic cooking, " It's also full of photos of food and food prep (it turns out color coordination and accessorization is crucial in the making of blueberry pancakes!) If you enjoy good food, this is a blog you need to check out!

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