Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Happiness Blogger

From the NEPA Blogs mailbag:


I would love to be added to your list.  I found your site through the NEPA Blog Con website, I am a blogger in NEPA... My site is

Please let me know how what steps I should take to be added.

Thank you,

Michelle Westbrook

Getting added is easy: you just submit your blog (or someone else submits it, or Michelle or I just sort-of find out about it), we put it through our stringent qualification tests (by someone who is from NEPA, or lives or lived in NEPA, or is blogging about NEPA, or has a a blog based out of NEPA), and then we do a little write-up and add it to the sidebar lists.


Both Michelle and I have been up to all sorts of non-NEPA Blogs stuff lately (including, in Michelle's case, the third annual NEPA BlogCon, which she organizes and runs with several other leading regional bloggers, and is coming up on October 11 at Misericordia University, and you totally totally should go to), and the posting of new blogs (as well as the purging of defunct blogs) has been lagging, a lot. We've got a huge backlog. I'm trying to post at least one new blog a week, and even that takes effort. On the plus side, several of the blogs that were submitted but were never posted have folded in the meanwhile, so at least we didn't go through the trouble of posting things which weren't destined to stick around - unless, of course, our failure to post is what caused these blogs to fold, in which case I feel absolutely awful.

This one is still around. Check it out! From the About page:

This blog is my way of reaching out to fellow happiness seekers in hopes of building a community of amazingly happy people! I don’t have all of the answers but I have made the decision to make happiness a priority in my life (because who wants to be unhappy?)

The Happiness Blogger

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