Monday, March 19, 2018

Massive Blog Round-up (Part 1)

It's been a while since I've posted here. I'm not going to lie, I miss it a lot. Job commitments were the primary reason that I've stayed away as long as I have. Now that I have more time and freedom on my hands, I figured I'd ease in slowly by going through our mailbag which has been neglected for a while. I'm going to do this in two parts because there are a ton of unanswered emails to contend with. If you have emailed us, fear not! The email is still sitting (likely unanswered) in our inbox. I will be getting to it shortly! Without further ado....part 1 of my inbox clean-up.

Chris Bohinski's NYC Smile 4 Me
NYC Smile 4 Me's mission is to spread happiness, positivity, and joy by chronicling Boh the Smile Guy asking the same 4-word question to everyone he meets,“What makes you smile?” Chris (AKA "Boh the Smile Guy") currently lives in Wilkes-Barre Township (despite the NYC title of the blog) and has been featured on PA Live! and also in the Healthbeat segment with Mark Hiller.
Submitted on 3/8/18

Anthracite Unite
Anthracite Unite is a collective of working class scholars, artists, and activists from Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region. We’re focused on mending divisions within the working class and reimagining what is possible.

Henning's Local
This isn't really a blog, it's more of a website and it's TECHNICALLY in New York, but they have some cool stuff going on that they wanted to inform you about through us. So if you are vacationing or looking for something different to do that's within a short drive of Northeast PA, be sure to check them out. From the email: "Each week Henning’s Local will be screening favorite films about mothers, from the unforgettable evil villains to classic characters who stole our hearts. In addition to our regular menu, we will be offering a prix fixe meatloaf dinner, and blue-plate specials at the bar. Bring mom, and her dinner is on Henning. #eatlocal #momsmeatloaf"

No Time For Wine
Brenda writes "I am originally from Susquehanna County and have been working on my blog  It documents my move from Single Mommy working a full time job, to now Married Stay at Home Mommy adjusting to my new life." 

NACL Theater
Tannis Kowalchuk painstakingly includes NEPA Blogs on all of her press releases for the NACL Theater productions, some of which look very interesting. This is another one of those "not blog" submissions, but I feel guilty for not having given her a mention before. NACL (National Americal Cultural Laboratory) is a non-profit theater company in the southwestern Catskill region. If you are in the area or passing through, it's worth checking out.

Here's to Happy Endings
Kelly writes "I'm from northeast PA and have a book focused blog that I thought might be neat to have listed on your site! I've had the blog going since June of 2015, and it's updated pretty much daily and has a decent following. It features book reviews, discussions, giveaways, and other book and reading related things."

570 Menu Blog
Explore blog posts about local restaurants and nightlife. 

The Green Dish
Welcome! I'm Caroline, the blog's author and I've been struggling for the past few months with the decision of becoming vegan after watching a few documentaries (Food Inc, Forks Over Knives and Vegucated), and the more I think about it, I know the best decision for me is to become vegan. Changes are not easy and that's why I decided to create this blog as a way to encourage not only myself but also others, to share my journey throughout this new year and new lifestyle. I'll be sharing many vegan recipes and I hope you'll join me here at The Green Dish - One Healthy Dish at a Time!

I Heart Direct Sales
Rebecca wrote me and asked if I would include her blog in our blogroll last March (as in 2017). Eeek! Sorry, Rebecca, I'm bad at emails. After revisiting this blog, it appears to have been abandoned. Who knows, maybe she'll pick it back up after seeing this post.

Lovely In Gold
Kelli writes "I am a NEPA fashion and lifestyle blogger and would love to submit my blog to your site. My blog is called Lovely in Gold."

Mark's Bike Tock
We know Mark from his work over on Mark's Tech Tock blog. He started a new blog last year about biking. To refresh your memory, Mark is a professor of engineering technology at a community college. "In my spare time I enjoy riding my bike on car free trails. I am especially happy riding a trail I have never been on before. I ride 3000+ miles per year and so far have been on over 70 trails across 9 states. I ride in temperatures from 10 degrees F to 105 degrees F."

That is the inbox from March 2018 back through January 2017. Tomorrow, we'll dig even further back in time!  

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