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Massive Blog Round-up (Part 2)

....Continuing on with part 2 of our massive mailbox clean-up, here are blogs that were sent in from December 2016 - May 2014. If some of these are duplicates, my apologies! It's growing increasingly difficult to shuffle through our extensive blogroll. Now that the mailbox is all cleaned up, feel free to send any suggestions to us via nepablogs@gmail.com. We would also love to connect with you on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nepabloggers/

Tim Maloney
Tim Maloney is a 20-something queer Muslim based out of the Wyoming Valley. As an activist and blogger, he has a passion for advocating nonviolence, sex positivity, and social justice. Tim graduated from Keystone College with a BA in Communication Arts & Humanities. In 2016, he received the Best Life Blog award at NEPA BlogCon’s Blog of the Year Awards. Maloney was also the 2017 recipient of the Susan Merrill Constance Kozel Award by the Interfaith Resource Center for Peace and Justice in Wilkes-Barre.

Michael writes "I lived in West Pittston, PA most of my life before moving to DuPont, and now Forty Forty, PA. It's a website dedicated to die-hard fans of sports, movies, gaming or comics, with plans to expand into tech and music."

Oat and Sesame
Emily writes "My kitchen adventures take place in sunny Flagstaff, Arizona. By day, I’m a staff member at Northern Arizona University. My free time is spent cooking, gardening, enjoying the great outdoors + squeezing kitties! Oat&Sesame is a place to share recipes, promote conversation and conjure up some creative inspirations!" Emily wrote to us back in August of 2016. At the time she lived in Northeast PA (Scranton), it seems that she's taken her adventures on the road to Arizona!

Jenny Kile's Kardects and Mysterious Writings
Jenny has been a huge lifesaver with helping plan NEPA BlogCon over the last few years and she even did a few guest posts on our blog. The Kardtects blog focuses on creative ways to build structures (read: paper cards!) and her Mysterious Writings blog is about the art of treasure hunting.

Waverly Community House Archives
From the mailbag: "My name is Gia Reviello and I am the Comm Classroom & Archive Director at the Waverly Community House. I stumbled upon your website while searching for blogs in the NEPA area and thought it was a great resource! I started the Waverly Community House Archive Blog in February of 2016 and was wondering if you would take a look at it? I am attempting to gain more general interest and get the word out there to those interested in local history." As of this writing, the WCH Archive blog is still going strong!

Amy Fedele's Bullzeye Design & Pretty Purple Door
Amy lives in Old Forge, original from Moscow (North Pocono). Bullzeye Design focuses on small business startup and entrepreneur tips and tutorials. Pretty Purple Door is her DIY / Home Renovation blog.
Luke and Life
Luke writes "I'm from Union Dale PA.  I've just recently began following your page on fb, and have been reading some of the featured blogs.  I plan to attend the NEPA BlogCon this year.  I'd love for you to check out my blog." This blog appears to be mostly dead, but I'm linking it in the hopes that Luke will find his way back to blogging.
Henry Smith's Cottage
"A blog about photography with occasional rants on life"
Sadly, there hasn't been any activity on this blog since 2016. Come back! Blogging misses you! 

Victorian Wanna Be
Another abandoned blog, but there is so much charm in what is posted, that I couldn't help but to link it. "I work for a local Estate Sale and Garage Sale Company and have way too much fun with that! In my free time I enjoy going to auctions and searching Antique malls and flea markets for Victorian treasures. I am constantly trying to "Victorianize" my 1989 home with these treasures. I love to decorate, create vignettes and enjoy staging photos."

Berks Plastic Surgery
Dr. Reedy's is a plastic surgeon in Berks County. If you're looking into having work done, check out this blog for more information. *though TECHNICALLY Berks County wouldn't be considered NEPA*

C.T. Sneak
Chelsea writes "I was wondering if my blog might be able to be added to NEPA Blogs. I'm a new blogger, and I'm apprehensive to say that my blog is political. I write about what I think about current politics, but my underlining concern is social justice." This blog is still very much active.

Sally Black's Vacationing Blogs
Sally Black, much like Jenny Kile (her blog is linked above), was a TREMENDOUS lifesaver for NEPA BlogCon over the years. She works primarily as a travel agent and has traveled far and wide. She knows a thing or two about vacationing with your family and has even published a book about it. She also spoke at NEPA BlogCon 2016 and has also helped along the way with guest posts. 

The University of Scranton SBDC Blog
The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides educational programs and no cost, confidential consulting services to entrepreneurs looking to start a small business or grow an existing small business in Bradford County, Lackawanna County, Monroe County, Pike County, Susquehanna County, Tioga County, Wayne County, and Wyoming County in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania French
"Re-Painted, Re-Purposed, Re-loved"
Pamela writes "If Mt Bethel counts as NE PA, would you consider adding my blog to your list?"
Brandon Lipani's Blog & Podcast
As you can tell from the titles of both the blog and podcast, the focus is technology driven.

And lastly series of Northeast PA authors with blogs....

“Giving History a Heartbeat” by Cindy Noonan, author of Dark Enough to See the Stars, soon to be published by Helping Hands Press: http://www.CindyNoonan.com

“Penned Without Ink” by Sarah Lynn Phillips, http://www.SarahLynnPhillips.com

“BUT-Kickers: Growing Your Faith Bigger Than Your ‘BUT!” by Sherry Boykin, http://www.SherryBoykin.com

That's it kids, the current mailbox is now at 0! I promise I won't allow it to get that out of control again!

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