Sunday, September 16, 2012

From the Mailbag (sorta): Doom Nation

I received a Facebook message from Scott Carey about a new blog venture he is starting called "Doom Nation".  Scott is a friend, my former manager's son, and a blogger!  You may remember his last project, the (now defunct) Old Soul Swagger blog

Doom Nation
"The Saddest Place on the Web"


I am launching a blog called Doom Nation ( It's basically all about doom metal, sludge metal, stoner rock etc... I am planning to do a soft launch this week but my full launch on October 1st. Can you please add me to the NEPA Blogs list?



From the About:

I started Doom Nation to supply lovers of somber slow jams with an arsenal of doom metal, sludge, drone, post rock and all other styles of gloomy tunes. Although news and press will be posted, this site is not intended to be an all out news or press release site of the genre. I want this site to be a place where all fans of doom metal can connect and ultimately discover new music. I dub this site “The Saddest Place on the Web!” because at the end of the day my readers will know that Doom Nation is THE place to discover and explore the melancholic side of music.

Scott Carey

PS – I hope that you will continue to come back again and again to get lost in the spaces of music with me!

If you are looking for a great blogger networking opportunity and learning experience, I suggest you check out NEPA BlogCon on 9/29/12 at LCCC.  Scott will be there and looking forward to chat with you about your blog, as will I!  Tickets are $65.00 until the day of the event, but use code nepablogs to save $20!!!

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