Friday, September 07, 2012

Satellite News

Wowzers!   I just found out yesterday that a blog I've been following for years is semi-based in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Can you believe it?!

Satellite News

Satellite News is the official fan-based blog about the now-defunct TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000.  It is endorsed by "Best Brains Inc." the entertainment company that produced the series, but the content is solely independently written.  Fans all over the globe use this as their "go-to" guide for episode summaries, information about the cast and crew, and events that happened in the history of MST3K.  Yes - even me!  I'm a big sci-fi movie nerd especially when they are are awful and being made fun of. 

The authors are Chris Cornell and Brian Henry.  In a recent conversation through Twitter, I found out that Chris Cornell resides in NEPA and is planning to attend NEPA BlogCon.  Yay!

To learn more about what Mystery Science Theater 3000 actually is, I'd recommend starting at this Wikipedia article:

....but if you are a cult follower of the show, like I am, you are already well ahead of the curve....


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