Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Press Release: Local Magician/Blogger Supports American Cancer Society With Community Activities

We received the below press release in our inbox this week. You may remember from a past post that Mark Mysterrio is a local blogger and a birthday magician! Help him give back to the community by reading on.

Local Magician Supports American Cancer Society With Community Activities

Magic and More Entertainment announced today that magician Mark Mysterrio will be supporting the American Cancer Society with a mixture of community centered events through out the year.

Mysterrio who already holds the world record for lying on a bed of nails and the most playing cards used on stage has made a choice to support the ACS through his shows and by starting his own Relay For Life Team.

The relay team is called Mark Mysterrio’s Million Dollar Producers and their goal is to raise one million dollars to help in the fight against cancer. Mysterrio formed the team this year in part because of the lost of his brother in law, Mark A. Circelli to brain cancer during National Magic Week in October. Mysterrio’s sister, Virginia Circelli is co-captain and will help Mysterrio head up this year’s team.

“I have lost my mother and brother to cancer and now my brother in law. Forming this team is a great way to ease some of the pain that we are feeling as a family and it helps the local community too. Cancer is a big disease in our area. Everyone knows someone who has been touched by this disease and we need to do what we can to put an end to this disease. If we give it the dedication that it takes to lay on a bed of nails for 283 hours and 5 minutes, we can find a cure in the near future.” Mysterrio said.

Mysterrio will be giving a percent of the money raised from his shows to the efforts as well as doing charitable work for the Relay for Life team. The team will be doing some very unique fundraisers including an upscale dinner, flamingos on the lawn and several others.

Mark’s all new family orientated show opens November 2-17th at The Shawnee Playhouse and portions of those ticket sales will go to aid Mark Mysterrio’s Million Dollar Producers Relay for Life Team in their efforts to raise one million for the ACS.
You can donate to the cause via Mark’s relay website here:

You can dedicate a luminaria in memory of a loved one and you can join Mysterrio's team all from the same page.


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